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Author Topic: Seventeenth wave.  (Read 1301 times)
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« on: August 04, 2008, 17:24:27 PM »

"So young... and yet so brutal!"
That was the last thought passing through the imperian captain's head, before General Caxo decapitated it.
The red mantle was waving behind the Blood-Thirsty, changing him into a symbol of destruction and steadfast force. "The Kid" was flying on his horse, leading the nomad army into a bold and extremely dare attack, which caught the imperian army by a complete surprise. In vain his captains were trying to catch up with him, frightened that some misguided imperian arrow could strike him down.
Caxo was feeling the free and boundless power of his anger, filling all his body, giving him almost inhuman strength, making him feel immortal. A God.
'Deaaaaaaaaaath', the young General shouted and engraving himself into the countless defending pikes, cutting everything down in his way.
'Sound flanking and split the cavalry into two groups! First group to hit the imperian archers to the right', the nomad captain was yelling, 'Close the distance with the infantry!'
The barbarian spearmen gave out a loud roar like one and moved forward.
The clash was like a thunder storm. The front imperian lines bended against the nomad pressure, the cavalry closed the flanks and hit them hard, forming a "bull horn" - the nomad definition for encirclement.
Caxo was not stopping to cut down imperians.
This was his day.

Seventeenth wave results

Successful pillages: 845
Defenders' victories: 242

Nomads killed: 13964067
Imperian soldiers killed: 2183894

Civilians killed or taken into slavery: 9452164

This day would be forever remembered.
The first Marshal of the Horde, not turned twenty five years of age, knelled before his Masters and received his legendary status.
The crowd was yelling: "Blood-Thirsty! Blood-Thirsty! Blood-Thirsty!"
And the young boy was riding in front of the Lane of Honor, his red cape waved the same way it was in the battle which earned him the immortal glory and deep respect of all his soldiers.
'Fourteen million sons of the Steppe fell today so the Kid can have his Glory', Jane's voice was barely out voiced the crowd, 'How many more will have to fall until we are victorious over these imperian swines?'
Oton looked at her out of his nerves and responded through his teeth clenched:
'As many as it takes! What do you care?!?!'
The Amazon baldly reflected his look and all she said was:
'My turn, Butcher!'
She looked at the triumphant Caxo for one last time and headed to her solders.
Was it today that she would die like a hero, in battle?
She yearned it.

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