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Author Topic: Sixteenth wave.  (Read 1125 times)
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« on: August 04, 2008, 17:36:06 PM »

The reception, though splendid, casted a gloom.
The smiles and dialogs were formal and protocol. All members of the court were tense.
"They are afraid."
The Empress was sipping slowly from her wine, watching her silent subjects with her cold, opaque blue eyed look.
She was waiting... same as the rest of them.
The hall's gate opened widely and exhausted from the all day riding messenger headed straight to his lady.
'News from the border, Your Majesty', he folded his knee, passing her a rolled up note.
According to law the Ruler was supposed to read it out loud.
'A sieging army, led by the nomad General Flinstoun, was spotted invading our territories. Its main target is the Royal Imperian Stronghold', the Queen began, feeling her heart almost stopping. But her voice remained calm. She would not be a Queen if she had not her voice calmed', The strength of the enemy is big enough to destroy the Fortress if a field army is not sent to meet it.'
The crowd became noisy. Terror and panic took over.
The Empress stood up. She was heavily built, but there was not a single pound of fat on her body. She placed her right hand on her family sword, look everyone sharp and shouted:
'Aiarian Empire has never been defeated, nor conquered! This will not happen! Not until this crown is on my head! Who, among you, will do his Sovereign's will and lead the field army?'
Heavy silence occurred. In fact, the question was: "Who will go to a certain death, to buy some time for the defenders to put some fight... when the nomad catapults start to demolish?"
'Who', the Empress repeated louder and gripped her sword forcibly.
'It will be me, Your Majesty', she heard a male's voice. The Earl, governor of the Eastern provinces, her first adviser, her friend... the only man she had ever truly loved her entire life, stepped forward, looking at her with his brown, warm eyes. There was nothing else in this look, except... deep and infinite love.
"Oh, God, not you!", her heart screamed. She fell her eyes, looking like frozen lakes, down a bit. But she spoke:
'Go and prepare yourself, My Lord', Ostensibly she was arrogant and unreachable. She had no right to love anything or anybody but her Country and her people. But she loved him. Madly.
The Earle bowed, looked at her for the last, long time... turned and went out.
The Queen slumped into her throne, incapable to see or think, only looking at the closed door, her loved one was gone behind.
She was sending her love to death.

Sixteenth wave results

Destroyed imperian Fortresses: 529
Defenders' victories: 360

Nomads killed: 10635061
Imperian soldiers killed: 1238197

"I lost more than ten million soldiers. Many steppe people died today. I should feel... some way about it. But I am not. I'm turning into a cold-blooded reptile. Just like Oton."
Flinstoun was standing on his horse on a distant hill, alone with his thoughts.
"We butchered millions of innocent... We scorched their entire lands. We destroyed their crops and cattle. We blocked their rivers. We left them hungry and thirsty. Bet they are still defiant. The continue to fight, no matter their hopes are gone. Why? Why?"
'We are the invaders', like always, Jane had climbed the hill barefooted, as silent as a panther. She stretched her flexible body and closed her eyes, putting her face at the harsh winter sun, 'They defend their land, their home. Question is... how much does the immortal glory cost? To us - Glory is conquering them, killed them and wipe them out from the face of the earth. For them... it is a matter of life and death. We have our Steppe to return to. They... have nowhere to go.'
The nomadess made a pause, looking at the Wild one's eyes.
'They will never surrender', she said, more to herself, than to Flinstoun, 'No matter how many Fortresses you, me or somebody else destroys. No matter how many old ones, women and children will the Butcher or the Blood-Thirsty Kid will slaughter. We will be here... for quite some time.'
Flinstoun had nothing to respond to this.
He did not care.
He had come here... to become an Emperor.

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