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Author Topic: Fourteenth wave.  (Read 1190 times)
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« on: August 01, 2008, 12:25:50 PM »

Instead of returning army, went for its daily border patrol, the Fortress archers saw... a single rider.
The figure was dropping one side, it was obvious, even from a mile distance, that the soldier was barely hanging on the settle.
Defenders' faces darkened. Something was wrong.
The Officer broke the silence:
'Open the main gate and get him inside! Quickly!'
Half an hour later the foreman was ready to talk.
He was all covered with oozing wounds, his face cut, he was drowning into his own blood, but he was able to speak.
'They came out of nowhere, Sire', he began, with his Sovereign bended over his face, so he can hear his soldier better. The Emperor was pale, but he  constantly was trying to hide it from everyone in court, 'We were just about to enter the forest with the infantry and the cavalry, you know it - the forest that encircles our Northern borders. The Captain spread us into wide formation, so we can cover it quickly and then turn back by the clearing...'
The foreman choked and bloody spittles covered his lord's face. The Emperor stood still. But he felt the terror gripping his heart.
'We did not see them, My lord', the soul survivor's voice sounded guilty. Tears appeared into his eyes, 'No one saw them. They were like daemons - springing from the very ground or from the trees. Mowing down with no remorse and then - vanishing. They were so accurate with bows that each arrow was striking our men into their eyes. They were throwing knives. Their excellency with a sword was unmatched, and they were fast like lightnings. They did not miss. Not one time. We could not regroup in time. The ambush was perfect. They killed everyone... and spared me to bring the news.'
After the last word the foreman wheezed. He was dying.
His lord grabbed his head and whispered madly:
'How many were those... daemons?'
The soldier strained, took a deep breath, uttered:
And died.
The Emperor raised stunned
He knew everything now.
His fifteen thousand strong army, the best he ever had, his only hope to defend against the nomad horde... was vanquished by the fearsome Sarans.
Not much was known for them, except... the are not enough to siege a Stronghold. But they are more than enough to destroy every army on this world in battle.
And they are always... always 300.

Fourteenth wave results:

Fortresses destroyed: 671
Defenders' victories: 333

Nomads killed: 48867
Imperian soldiers killed: 637298
Both Chieftains of the Horde was drinking the dark heavy wine from their magnificently decorated chalices, looking at the tempting curves of the dancers.
"There is no better sight than the body of a steppe woman", Xaoc was thinking, but Mony pulled him out:
'We will leave the Sarans hidden through all the lands of Imperia, waiting for other armies in ambush. I do not see a reason for them to be brought back into camp. They did almost well.'
'Except those you sent to siege Strongholds...
'Yes, but now we know exactly what we are facing. The... free rulers', Mony said those words with hes teeth clutched, 'have their heavy archers deployed. They hardened their Fortresses. It will be difficult to break them. We will lose many. Too many.'
'So, we will keep drinking their blood, until we deplete their supply lines. They have their Fortresses. But everything else... is already ours', Xaoc was starting to feel the wine dizzying his mind.
Mony waved and the page instantly approached, saluting.
'Summon the Butcher. It's time for him to earn that Marshall rank in battle.'

Xaoc was starting to feel the wine dizzying his mind.
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