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Author Topic: Twelveth wave.  (Read 1260 times)
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« on: July 30, 2008, 12:41:07 PM »

The clear sky, lit up by the full-faced moon, was reflected by the thousands spearmen's armor, formed up in dense rhomboids, with light and heavy swordsmen regiments deployed in between. The silence was interrupted only by the north-western wind which made the banners flap. The soldiers used to call that sound "Hero's voice".
Jane - The fierce Amazon,  walked her horse in front of the army, in parallel with the flawless battle lines. The Nomadess was looking at her soldiers sharply, but her soul was jolting. She was back on her horse. She would lead her men in battle again. She was here, at the same place where she got the arrow in her stomach.
"Payback time!"
'You all know me', she started and the wind was trying to carry out her voice in vain. Jane had a deep, powerful and magnetic voice.
'You all know why you are here. You all know many of us will not return to the camp alive. The Imperians will not spare you. They will either kill or capture you. And you know... what do they do with prisoners.
The soldiers were quiet.
They knew.
They had seen... their bothers... on their way back to the camp, with General Petsmart.
'But this is not why we are here today', the Amazon continued with her voice getting louder, 'I did non come here, because I'm afraid to die. Not me. How about you?'
Slowly... silently at the start but with an increased strength... the spears began to hit the parched land.
The rumble was getting louder and louder.
'How many of you will die today', Jane yelled.
'All of us', the warriors responded like one.
'How many of you are scared?'
'No one!'
Jane made and pause, then lifted her war pike high and screamed:
'How many Imperians will we take with us in hell today?
The whole valley echoed the mighty war cry.
The horn sounded advance and the barbarians rushed madly into their deaths.

Twelveth wave results:

Imperian Fortresses destroyed: 715
Defenders' victories: 289

Nomads killed: 9550973
Imperian soldiers killed: 1733397
 Xaoc had leaned himself over the Imperian lands map, planing his next moves, when he heard the clamor outside.
He had already known about Amazon's great victory today, despite the nomads' heavy losses. Two thirds of the Imperian Fortresses had fallen. The blow was severe and the free rulers were not likely to recover soon.
The Leader of the Horde exited his tent to meet his triumphant General.
Jane dismounted and bended on her knees, offering her ceremonial blade - a sign of up most respect. Her life was in her Lord's hands.
'Rise', Xaoc said, this way announcing everyone that he would spare her, just like the protocol was.
The Fierce One slowly stood up and her eyes met Xaoc's baldly. She sheathed her sword and lifted her war pike, which a captain had given her, sky high.
The gathered nomads shouted in appraisal.
Today they all would celebrate the victory.
Except one.
Oton had been ordered to lead the next attack.
The Heavy Steppe Cavalry would enter in battle.
His... Heavy Steppe Cavalry.

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