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Author Topic: Eleventh wave.  (Read 1253 times)
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« on: July 29, 2008, 12:07:14 PM »

The surrounded nomad army surrendered.
The Barbarians bended their heads down and let the Imperian soldiers disarm them. The looked miserable. The defenders piled the weapons and armor, tied their hands and pulled back, watching them vigilantly.
The silence was dense. So dense you could cut it with a knife.
A clatter of hoofs warned everyone that the Emperor was coming. Ten elite guardians were escorting him. He was dressed in glaring parade uniform, his face looking sharp, cold and cruel.
The Sovereign dismounted his horse and, accompanied by his captain, holding the Imperian standard, slowly headed to the nomad commander. He stopped 2 meters from him, pointed the flag, crowned with an eagle, to his face.
'On your knees', the Imperian captain yelled.
The Barbarian slowly knelled. The Emperor pulled the standard close to him as if he would stake it deep into his skull.
'Now kiss it', again the captain ordered
The nomad commander's eyes filled with hatred. Imperian soldiers immediately bristled with anger and grabbed their swords. Their lord was looking at the bold barbarian thoughtfully, waiting.
'Kiss it or I swear I will slaughter all your men and you will watch', the captain shouted.
Slowly... very slowly... the nomad touched the sharp gad with his lips.
All the Imperians burst out with joy, acclaiming their Sovereign.
Few minutes later, after all the excitement wared off, the Emperor gave one single order:
'Blind them all. Leave one with one eye on each one hundred to lead them back to their camp. I hope that scabby dog - their Master - to understand the message. 

Eleventh wave results:

Successful pillages: 781
Defenders' victories: 223

Nomads killed: 5157438
Imperian soldiers killed: 979932

Civilians killed or taken: 4659801

'They are coming back, My Lord', the page's voice was trembling.
Xaoc instantly realized something was wrong.
He stood up and followed the soldier out.
He climbed the observation tower... just to see a sight of nightmare.
Bare-skinned, frozen blue nomad soldiers were returning to the camp. Deep bloody holes gaped instead of their eyes. General Petsmart was leading on of these groups, with two arrows out of his back. It was a miracle he was still able to ride, holding his war pike steadily.
"He avoided blindness?", Xaoc though confused.
The column of eyeless soldiers were keeping coming.
Tens of thousands.
Xaoc clutched his teeth, his face was burning with rage and shame. The Imperian rulers were slapping him with humiliation he would remember all his life.
'And they call us barbarians', he didn't feel when Oton had come close. The Butcher was observing the scene with emptiness in his eyes.
The Leader of the Horde looked at him for a long time and finally he ordered:
'Slay them all and bury them. With the appropriate honors. And bring me the Amazon!
Oton climbed down the tower and signaled his guards to follow him.
The was no single thought in his mind.

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