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Author Topic: Tenth wave.  (Read 1338 times)
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« on: July 28, 2008, 11:48:22 AM »

The nomad army came out from the forest slowly and confidently, completely silent.
It stopped beyond the archers' range.
The Imperian defenders did not tremble.
The darkened night sky was covered with heavy, thick clouds, hanging above the wide valley like a curse, ready to split and pour imperians and barbarians with tons of water.
The invaders were divided into 2 groups allowing the heavy catapults to move in between.
Soldiers quickly started to assemble and prepare them. It was quiet like a graveyard. Not even birds could be heard.
One, two, three, four... The catapults were emerging from behind like nightmares.
Defenders started moving anxiously. Prayers could be heard. Somebody laughed nervously. 
'First one who speaks will be impaled on a stake! If he survives this', the officer had gripped his bow with so much force that it would brake any moment, 'No body moves! You will stand your ground!'
Eleven catapults. They would turn the Fortress into ruins.
"Oh, My God!"
The first stone flew and took out the Eastern tower, as if it had never been there before.
Grotesquely smashed and burning bodies of archers swayed in all directions. Horrific screams were heard.
The stone,  covered in oil and lit, landed in the Citadel, continued to roll, knocking down and burning everything that stood in its way.
The rest of the catapults followed suit.
Ten more fire balls took off, hitting the walls, gates, smashing towers and people.
Thousands perished, the streets were filled with scorched bodies.
The sight was unspeakable.
The whole Fortress was burning
Nomads' heavy infantry marched forward, as the catapults were reloading.
"At last!"
The officer raised dazed by the carnage, coughing the smoke out of his lungs and blew his battle horn.
Hidden in flank, the Imperian cavalry, led by the Sovereign, rushed wildly and attacked the invaders long before they were able to regroup. They were wiped out in a matter of minutes.
No survivors.
The catapults did no manage to fire a second shot. 
If they had succeeded, the Fortress would not survive.

Tenth wave results:

Fortresses destroyed: 577
Defenders' victories: 427

Nomads killed: 5213354
Imperian soldiers killed: 824258

Jane was able to walk again.
Her stomach wound was healing well and she had avoided the heavy infection.
"Tomorrow I will ride again!"
She saw Oton sitting in front of his tent. The Butcher was sharpening his blade with slow, madly concentrated moves. She headed to him. The General lifted his eyes and waved.
'Looks like we will see you in battle pretty soon', he said with his voice leveled and returned to his job.
The Amazon sat beside him, on the very grass,  wrapping herself with the animal skins, putting her back to the cold northern wind.
'What the hell are we doing here', she asked her question, looking at the stable where General Petsmart was overseeing the war horses, barking orders to everyone, preparing for the next attack.
Oton stopped his hand and looked at Jane. As expected his eyes were filled with blind rage.
'I came here to kill. Or die doing it. I do not care about anything. Nobody waits for me back home. I will not be missed. I revenge everyone for being born in this world. There is nothing else for me.
The Amazon did not escape her eyes. After all, Oton's eyes were the thing that led his people to battle and made them die in millions.
'In that case you should have left me die', she said, stood up and walk to her tent in wide pace.

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