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Author Topic: Eighth wave.  (Read 1155 times)
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« on: July 26, 2008, 12:50:11 PM »

My dear brother!

It is in these dark times for all of us that I am writing to you, hoping you are in good health and spared by the nomads' fury. I am writing to you as I am hearing the moaning of thousands of my subjects and soldiers coming from outside. I am writing as my heart is shrinked, wishing that... I was the one fallen in battle right beside my loyal countrymen.
The Barbarians came and hit the Fortress with an unseen so far might.
Heavily armed swordsmen were escorting enormous lookin siege machines, crowned with giant horned skulls, belonging to God knows what beasts. The sight of these... hellish machines chilled the blood of my people. Many of them fell on their knees, praying for mercy, for... surrender.
The Nomad Horde... had turned into an excellent organized sieging army, commanded by a briliant General.
My field army was wiped out in a matter of minutes and despite the clowds of arrows we gave them, the filthy dogs managed to bring the rams in range.
They breached the walls in 4 places and bursted into the Citadel, knowing no mercy.
We stopped them just in front of the Palace.
But not before... many of my people had fallen.
It is them who will I mourn for. And I will forever regret that I did not fall like them - like a hero.

Eighth wave results:

Destroyed Imperian Fortresses: 496
Defenders' victories: 508

Nomads killed: 5390570
Imperian soldiers killed: 622016

The circle around the lands of Imperia was closing.
Slowly, with the cost of many nomad tropps... but it was closing.
More Fortresses fell this time. A little more, yes, but the free rulers were starting to show signs of  exhaustion.
"Just e little more they need."
Xaoc was sitting in his throne, excepting the respects of his generals, his thoughts - somewhere else.
He was preparing the next surprise for the Imperian kings.
General Petsmart - The Horse Master was about to lead the next attack.
His orders were clear: "No prisoners. No mercy. Wipe them out. All of them."

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