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Author Topic: Seventh wave.  (Read 1245 times)
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« on: July 25, 2008, 12:04:01 PM »

The Fortress Commander rushed into the War Room just to see the Emperor alone, reading some documents. He made two more steps and anxiously bowed. Without his armor or parade uniform the Sovereign looked... normal.
'Speak', he said, not lifting his eyes from the papers.
'The Western Border Posts have noticed huge nomad army, heading towards our major cities, Sire! The Butcher himself is in command! Permission to...'
'Double the archers garrison, evacuate the local villages and prepare for a siege', the Emperor interrupted him, continuing reading.
The Commander obviously did not hear the order.
'We can be there by noon, deploy the troops and ambush them with flanking, Your Majesty! We can close them in...
'We are not going anywhere', this time the rulers raised his voice and looked at his officer. His eyes were empty.
The Commander's blood chilled. It was unbelievable.
'But Sire...'
'You have your orders, now get back to your post', his Master's voice was somebody's else.
"I do not recognize this man anymore."
There was only one thing left to do.
The Commander unbelted his sword, removed his officer insignia and put them both on the table with his hand trembling.
'Allow me to... return to my family, Your Majesty. Or execute me. Either way - my service to you has come to an end.'
The king did not quiver. At least - he did not show it.

Seventh wave results:

Successful pillages: 671
Defenders victories: 333

Nomads killed: 2560076
Imperian soldiers killed: 98329

Killed or taken into slavery civilians: 2810578

Oton returned in the nomads camp with his feelings mixed.
He was successful in pillaging more than 2/3 of the Imperian lands. The rest of the kingdoms again were fighting back fiercely, which had cost him up to 2,5 million troops.
Pressure upon the free rulers had to be increased. The Empires would not stand a few more sieges and their supply lines had to be cut off, no matter the price. But the Master knows his ways. And the Butcher surely knows how to follow orders.
"If we only had..."
His thoughts were interrupted by the sight in the camp which made him both smile and  squeeze the rains.
Wild Flintstone had come from across the ocean, bringing his heavy swordsmen, as promised. And that wasn't all. In the Southern corner of the camp... there were siege machines, getting prepared for the next attack.
The hit would echo through the whole Imperian lands.

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