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Author Topic: Sixth wave.  (Read 1375 times)
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« on: July 24, 2008, 12:03:24 PM »

The rain was pouring out of the skies as if they were about to split any moment.
The Imperian officer, who was the commander of the Fortress archers, was staring at the horizon.
Even the weather was against the defenders. The water soaked up and was freezing the very bones of the soldiers. They had not slept in days. Let alone...
His thoughts were interrupted by the sight of the spear forest that blackened the northern part of the valley.
They were more. A hell lot more.
Each barbarian squad was carrying a siege ladder.
"Too many..."
His heart trembled when he saw the Feared Amazon ahead of the sieging army. Jane was riding her huge battle horse, holding a pike big enough to impale 5 soldiers at a time.
The nomads stopped like one, their lines were flawless.
The rain was suddenly gone
The Amazon screamed hellishly and raced forward. The spears directed at the Fortress and the barbarians marched slowly.
"So it begins..."
'Wait for these dogs to come into range and send them back to hell', the officer yielded, then he stood beside his soldiers, stretching the bow string.

Sixth wave results:

Imperian Fortresses destroyed: 454
Defenders' victories: 551

Imperian soldiers killed: 517638
Nomads killed: 5401968

Oton broke the top part of the arrow in order to get a better hold of it and the Amazon hit his face. Hard. Blood gushed from the huge stomach wound. Despite the harsh blow the Butcher did not even wince. He only said through his clenched teeth:
'Stay still or, I swear, I will leave you die in unbearable pain!'
A soldier went into the tent. The scene made his blood run cold but he was able to salute.
'The Lord has called for you, General...'
Oton grunted, grasped Jane's head with his left hand and bluntly pulled the arrow from her stomach with his right hand.
The Amazon screamed and then fainted.
'Pressure the wound. If she does not drown in her own blood and pass the night, she will live', he said, turned rapidly and exited the tent.
There was a single thought in his mind.
He wanted to kill.
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