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Author Topic: Fifth wave.  (Read 1233 times)
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« on: July 23, 2008, 13:01:44 PM »

Savagely screaming, tasting the forthcoming carnage, the nomads invaded the village. But their captain had felt that something was wrong long before the attack.
There was absolutely no one in the small village, situated in not very big valley.
The Horde was silent.
Not even the usual domestic cattle was presenting. According to the intelligence reports there were supposed to be over 600 villagers here, mostly woodsmen, supplying the nearby Fortress with building materials.
The captain was just about to sound a retreat when all heard the rumbling.
Slow, rhythmic, grave. A sword hitting shield.
The Imperian swordsmen came out from the northern wood, aligned in perfect battle formations. Stone faced, their eyes filled with death, they started their slow advancement, never stopping to hit their shields with swords.
'Retreat...', the captain could not finish, because an arrow, coming from the hidden archers, deployed to cut off their escape route, pierced his throat.

Fifth wave results:

Successful pillages: 694
Defenders' victories: 311

Nomads killed: 2339683
Imperian soldiers killed: 391021

Villagers killed or enslaved: 2445723

Xaoc, one of the two Leaders of the Horde, slowly drew out his blade and pushed it into Blood-Thirsty's throat.
'Give me one good reason not to feed the dogs with your young body tonight', his voice, though calmed, sounded as if it was coming from a deep frozen lake.
CaXo's voice was trembling, but not from fear. His eyes were burning with hatred and fallen pride.
'I shall slaughter them all and bring their heads before your feet, my Master! All I want is just another chance! Just another one!'
Xaoc folded his eyes for a bit, looking at CaXo's face. After some time he slowly sheathed his blade.
'Go to your tent and rest', the Leader of the Horde carelessly dismissed CaXo, like he was chasing away a fly.
'Summon the Amazon', he ordered, drinking wine from his goblet.
The Imperian rulers were not going to give up.
And the thought filled Xaoc with frozen, blind rage.
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