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Author Topic: The fourth wave.  (Read 1454 times)
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« on: July 22, 2008, 14:55:15 PM »

The sword harshly sank into the chest of the imperian captain as Jane carelessly drew it back, wiping it into the sleeve of the page who was staying just beside her, with a subversive look in his eyes.
The mighty Fortress had now become a pile of scorched ruins and ledgers. And just several hours ago... it was glowing in white, reflecting the afternoon sun, looking invincible.
But that was not what the merciless Amazon was thinking about.
She was waiting anxiously for the reports of the rest of the Fortress sieges. She was told not to come back to the Nomad camp if she had not achieved a total victory.
The news made her to burst inside out like a hot lava.
More than a half of the Imperian Fortresses had pushed back her armies. The fallen nomads were millions. 

Fourth wave results:

Destroyed Imperian Fortresses: 429
Defenders' victories: 576

Imperian soldiers killed: 394518
Nomads killed: 3339577

Jane could not handle her fury anymore. She cut off the head of the messenger with a wide swing, screaming madly.
'We ride now! Get the spoils! We will be in camp by midnight!'
The soldiers made haste to carry out the order without questions or hesitation. The journey back to the camp was long and exhausting, they hadn't even have the time to enjoy the victory, but those who saw the flaming madness in their General's eyes, momentarily forgot to even think about protesting.
The other generals in the camp met her with a silence which said it all.
They had underestimated the Imperian rulers and the price of that understatement had already been at the cost of more than 5 million fallen troops.
The battle for the land of Imperia was just starting.
The defenders were more than capable to fight and they were obviously preparing themselves for a long and total war.
Their economies had to be brought down.
The next attack would be led by CaXo who was yearning for revenge.
This time the Blood-Thirsty would stop at nothing until the whole land of Imperia is engulfed in flames.

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