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Author Topic: The third wave.  (Read 1297 times)
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« on: July 21, 2008, 17:02:05 PM »

Like a fire storm, coming straight from hell, Oton-The Butcher passed through the lands of Imperia. His fury stroke upon the civil population with all its strength. Thick smoke from pyres and burning villages and towns clouded the scorching afternoon sun. The screams of the captured women and children, who were supposed to be taken away in slavery could be heard from miles away.

Few stood against the dreadful Barbarian, but those who opposed him, again fought like lions and did not allow their loved ones to be taken away from the merciless hordes.

Third wave results:

Successful pillages: 781
Defenders' victories: 224

Nomads killed: 1514559
Imperial soldiers killed: 311420

Killed and imprisoned villagers: 2167344

Several miles long slave columns walked across the free lands, heading for the main Nomad camp. They were led by the triumphant Oton. There was no smile on the face of the Butcher though. His eyes were filled with hatred. Nothing was over. Even in few numbers, the Imperians were able to inflict significant damage to his troops.
It was no time for celebration.
His attack, though successful, was just the start. Most of the free rulers were on their knees.
But he was not the one to lead the hordes to final victory.
Jane_Air - the Britt Amazon would be in charge of the next attack.
Brilliant and ruthless tactician, she would command the invaders... and crush the Imperian kingdoms once and for all.
Many Fortresses would fall.

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