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Title: The Battle for IMPERIA!
Post by: psycho123 on April 17, 2008, 17:31:33 PM
Red. Red. Red. The earth had been soaked for weeks in the blood of the fallen. A battle that would decide the fate of the imperia. The winter plains were scarred. A wise herbalist believed the earth would take its own action for the damage inflicted. The dead were still being collected whilst the cold chill began to cover the lands once again.

"Emperor, urgent message from the north!" said one of the Emperors councilmen. The Emperor calmly, and as if already aware nodded and spoke "So it has begun. Assemble the rest of the council immediately, its time we end this feud". The councilmen ran, with great speed to the tower located at the centre of the township. The fire was lit, so that all surrounding provinces knew of the impending dangers. "It is done"

In a small village west of the city a group of men were training amidst the forests. Like young boys they wrestled and made jokes about each others appearances and clothing, but these were not boys but new recruits pulled from the bakeries, smokehouses and fields. "Do you ever think well see the battlefield Jakob?" asked one of the men to the most experienced of the group. "You'll be lucky if your not cleaning the latrines for the entire spring" He didn't for a moment believe what he had said but he was hesitant in telling them the news of a possible war with the north. 'Let them enjoy this time' he thought to himself. Jakob had served many decades in the army and had been rostered to train the newcomers because of his talent and ability with the sword. He was known as the Ox, with Germanic heritage and a stature that would scare a pack of lions away he stood 7ft high. A giant among men, with arms that could rip a mans limb right of his body. It was no wonder he had much of the respect of the army. It was not his brawn that scared most men, but his ability to plan strategies and employ tactics that were at the forefront of the battlefield. As they retired to their hovels   for the evening a letter had arrived at Jakobs village;

Jakob Arrilues Modigliani
Your service is needed, now more than ever. The northern armies of Ipsel are on the march. It is estimated they shall arrive in as little as two weeks. The Emperor has asked you come immediatly to the city to lead the men and help plan the war. Your reward for serving the Imperium will be twenty two thousands gold coins and whatever loot you gain from battle.
May God's speed be with you.
High Chancellor of Manfrtz

The moment he had been waiting for had arrived, the men quickly said goodbye to their families and friends and began the journey into town. It was not long before they had arrived, and with great haste Jakob met with the armies council and began planning the possible avenues they could take. Should they hold back until the river and try to defend that position knowing all friendly villages beyond that point would be destroyed, should they meet them in the field and pray that the enemies moral was so low due to the journey that they could break them by outflanking with the cavalry. Or perhaps the fortress would be the best defence. These were all questions running through the minds of all involved. Quickly, almost as if it had been il thought or rushed Jakob stood demanding silence "For too long have we waited for this moment, the constant raids and pillages have been occurring more often of late and its time we eliminate these forces from our lands. How many men do we have ready for the battle? How far away is the enemy army now? What is the state of the men?" He rattled off questions obviously plotting and piecing together maps in his mind. "The field of Gettsy is where we shall meet" The audience grunted and snickered unimpressed with what had been said "But Jakob those fields are sloped with hills that favour the opposite army, they will surely love to meet us their" said one of the elders. Jakob nodded "That is why is must be the place, we shall use their weaknesses against them. They are too stubborn to realise the forests to the east are a perfect ambush point." Still not happy, one man threw down his journal "This is madness, you are going to get our whole army killed Jakob". Jakob laughed, "Dear Comodus, leave the battlefield to those who have been on them. Go back to your home and attend to the many chores that a politician must tend to". And it was so, the armies gathered and prepared for a battle that had been coming for many decades. Autumn quickly came to an end by the time the armies met, the winter had arrived.

The armies were heavily clothen in wool and pelt. The lakes had frozen over, the trees silent and the wind blew with the strength of Aquilo God of the northern winds. The enemy had arrived, ten thousand strong made up of archers, spearmen, swordsmen, militia, catapults, ballistas and cavalry. The smell of iron was unmistakable, pungent and overpowering. Jakob had arrived with the cavalry, his steed was also unbelievable large. Black like the nights of winter, with a plate of armour covering the horses chest to defend from the spears that this leader would attract. As he looked behind him at his forces he saw roughly five thousand various different men awaiting the commands of their leaders. "Jakob, they are sending a messenger!" He rode to meet the messenger, in hope perhaps the battle would not eventuate.

"According the laws of engagement we offer that you leave this field before you are killed. All people will be given right of passage to their homelands if you recognise Mizlo Fedec true leader of this lands and King of Imperia"

Outraged and fueling with hatred Jakob grabbed the bow attached to his horse and shouted "WE DECLINE" and as the words left his mouth so did the arrow. The body fell to the ground mortily wounded. The war had begun.

"Prepare the men, and on my signal. Unleash hell!". Jakob retreated to the back of the army and into the forest where the thousands of cavalry had been waiting for him. "Brothers, if you find yourselves alone in the fields of heaven be not afraid. For you are in Alicium and your already dead". The men laughed ready for what was to come. "Hold the line, and stay with me". Jakob gave the signal to one of the archers, and a lit arrow pierced the skies. The command to assault had been given. The archers stepped forward and drew their strings, simultaneously unleashing wave after wave of arrows and boulders. However, the enemy too had began their barrage of artillery and with impending numbers began to march towards the lines of the Imperium. Men fell, from both sides wounded by the barrage. Jakob began the steady march, constantly commanding "Hold the line. Hold the line. Stay with me." The front lines were engaged now, swordsmen on swordsmen, steel on steel, fathers fell, sons fell. War had the courteously of not discriminating age from one another. Death came swiftly and gruesomely now more than ever. "Jakob, the lines are wavering. We must hurry" Jakob's plan was not ill thought however and their arrival came at the most influencial moment of the battle. The enemy flanks were overrun with cavalry, slaughtering man after man. The foolish enemy had held back their cavalry deeming it unnecessary to waste on such a small force, and now were too far away to counter the ambush. Jakob's sword was swift, removing a dozen heads from the bodies of his enemies. Blood began to leak onto the field, soaking everything it touched. And similar to the sounds of the violin or piano, the words "RETREAT" began to echo. The enemy army began to flee. Terrified by the horsemen to their flanks. "PUSH FORWARD MEN, THEY ARE ROUTING". The cavalry chased down every man possible without getting within charge range of the enemy cavalry who was still undecided on whether to engage or wait for another day. The battle was over, just as quickly as it had begun.

After twelve days of collecting the dead. The clean-up had ended. Jakob was praised for his victory by the entire kingdom but was well aware that this was not the end of the wars with the north. And that is how the fields became soaked with the blood of the dead.

Written by Reece McCullough on a lonely Saturday night. Thanks for reading guys, comments would be nice. I had time constraints and don't have much experience writing Fantasy Genres. I wish i had more time to describe some more gory battle scenes. But its a start. I'm on Realm 3 and i promise you I will crush all my enemies. My Kingdom shall rule over all others :P. Anyways, take care and goodluck with your gaming.