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Title: red army
Post by: shazam on November 16, 2017, 00:27:24 AM
As I have played this game for a while now, and learned,
there is the problem of getting red army.

I can get it, but when I have it there not much time in the era to play with it.

I think that the time for the tech's needs to be shortened, the price for the techs needs to come down a lot.

if more people could get red army faster, there would be more Waring, I believe.

As for my self, next era I build a mega size blue army, and if I am lucky to get lots of loot, then I start some work on red army, but it wont be a priority to me anymore .

Just trying to save up the resources es to get for red army is next to impossible, as you always got the problem of attack, and I can live on my computer 24 -7,

you are always making changes, how changing this and let us get red army faster????

thank you

Title: Re: red army
Post by: Angela on November 19, 2017, 17:16:52 PM
Hello, shazam. Thank you for your suggestion, I'll follow it to the team and it will be reviewed.