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Title: End Daylight Saving Time
Post by: Angela on October 26, 2017, 14:16:05 PM
The clock in Europe will move backwards with 1 hour (DST) on October 29th (Sunday) at 04:00 AM (Server Time). That means the server will mark 03:00 AM instead of 04:00 am. In relation to this, attacks and army upkeep will be suspended on October 28th at 15:00 Server Time (GMT +2).

- all attacks launched before the suspension will be recalled;
- all alliance wars and premium memberships will be prolonged with the time of suspension
- army upkeep will not be taken although it will as If it has been taken in statistics menu.

Attacks will be active on October 29th at 15:00 Server Time (GMT +2).

IMPORTANT: Nomad attacks will not be suspended in the World Cup Qualifiers!

ATTENTION: We highly recommend that you log in to your account prior the activation of the attacks to prevent the army upkeep from being taken for the period you have been offline!