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Title: Espionage doesn't show accurate resources
Post by: yxcv on December 19, 2016, 11:56:58 AM
I'm not entirely shure it's a bug, some changes were made since i played last time. I think so, though.
I believe there was a change that espionage doesn't show the resources protected by the fortress. But i just spied an abandoned empire, the report showd ~150k gold and nothing else. But i got ~250k gold and ~50k of everything else.
Not exactly something to complain about you might think, but it was just lazyness that i've send more wagons than i needed to... in general i'd like to know how much i have to send ;)
It was the capital i raided (obviously because of gold), not a colony or something where the lvl of fortress decreases.

I'm quite unhappy with this change anyways, because the last time i played (~1 year ago maybe) one could spy the capital and see if somebody moves his army by the difference of gold... that's not possible anymore. You removed a tactical element appearently for no good reason (and no, that beginners aren't able to read the manual isn't a good reason ;)), but it seems to be wrong now.