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Title: Change related to population
Post by: Angela on June 10, 2016, 15:01:34 PM
Your Majesties, the following change will happen soon:

- When disbanding an army, you will no longer have the population dedicated for its recruitment back. It will be lost.
- We let you send up to 25 000 population instead of 1 000 (currently) when annexing a terrain.

Imperia Online is a game, whose game play is based on military strategies and management of resources. Each resource type in the game is important for your empire's development. For a long time now population, which is, by all means, a very important resource, has not been managed in a proper manner - its effectiveness of a resource has been greatly reduced since acquiring it has become too easy. A main factor for this outcome is the action of disbanding armies for acquiring population - an action which modifies the economy of the game in a negative way. This resulted in us taking the above mentioned measure which, although it may seem extreme to a great number of players, is necessary for the sake of keeping our game well balanced. At the same time letting you send a bigger number of population when annexing a terrain, will let you develop your newly conquered provinces faster.

The change will become effective in 2 stages:

Stage 1 - realms, whose era will restart between Junes 23 and July 5, will begin with the new rule
Stage 2 - on July 5, the change will become effective in the rest of the realms, no matter when their current era will end and a new one starts