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Title: New Alliance Researches Formulas
Post by: Angela on April 12, 2016, 17:07:18 PM
Your Majesties!

The Imperial Ministry of Well-Being and Teamplay shall make an official announcement!
Changes have been made in the calculation of some of the researches’ impact, as the main goal is more members to contribute to the Alliance’s military might:

• Melee Attack
• Ranged Attack
• Armor
• War Horses
• Fortification

These researches' effects are now calculated by new formula:

Alliance Leader's Level + 1st Officer's Level/2 + Each of the Alliance Commanders' level/5 + Current Alliance Research Level


Alliance Leader's Melee Attack: 30
1st Officer's Melee Attack: 20
5 Alliance Commanders' Melee Attack: 10
Current Alliance Melee Attack: 5


30 + 20/2 + (5x10)/5 + 5 = 30 + 10 + 10 + 5 = 55

• The research effect's maximum level is now 100.
• All other Alliance Researches will continue to be calculated the way they are currently - Alliance Leader's Level + Current Alliance Research Level.
• The amount of military units, which are allowed to assult the Alliance Fortress is now is now 5 times the Garrison (previously 3 times).
• The maximum amount of ranged siege units, which can assault the Fortress Wall is now doubled.
• The Leader will be able to see each alliance member's levels of their researches in Economy statistics

Long live the Teamplay, noble ones!