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Post by: LORD.MILLER on March 24, 2016, 18:04:01 PM
Either IO has player's working for them that they cheat for or they have IO admin playing this game, there's no doubt and i have emailed IO the scams, but their to big of coward's to email back, and why would'nt they have peolpe working for them playing this game? so they can give unlimited daimond's and cheat for those player's to make other player's buy more and more daimond's? IO has turned into greedy scam's you know this is true, they'll do any thing to make player's buy more and more daimond's, and that inclouds cheating and scaming. even the cheating picece of shit beco that play's realm 258, for IO's alliance BULGARIQ sent me a msg a few. week's ago saying IO gave. him 100k free daimond's and all. the shit that's been going on with the BULGARIQ and Vasil_Levski the shit they been doing there's no other way to explan IO is helping and cheating for those assholes, and most of them are some of the worse player's i'v ever seen playing this game, and the last few week's their doing shit no other alliances in the histery of this game can do, and BOPE cant even do most of the shit them cheat's are doing, so yes IO has worker's in those alliances that are cheating for them, "THAT IS THE TRUTH"

Post by: LORD.MILLER on March 24, 2016, 22:22:12 PM
And why won't IO reply back to the other 20-30 player's that have emailed them about what's going on? no one has gotten one email reply from them, it seem's to me they don't want to email any one back, because they got caught.

Post by: Angela on March 25, 2016, 18:03:43 PM

IO admins do not play the game. For reporting players please contact from the registration email of your account. Not more than 5 players can be reported at a time. All questions and requests received at this email are answered. Please respect the forum rules ( and rules on reporting players (