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Title: Trading Post
Post by: Nikolaj_II on January 20, 2016, 17:09:46 PM
218 Mega blitz, I have all the technologies but its not giving me the option to build Trading post on or near any Special recource.
I guess its a bug, I read somewhere in the forum. Can you fix it?

Thank you in advance :)

Bye bye...

Title: Re: Trading Post
Post by: Angela on January 24, 2016, 16:22:28 PM
Hello Nikolaj_II,

Please make sure you have researched the necessary level of Trade logistics and a free trading post place allowed by the Trade administration level. A trading post can be founded only on the special resource, terrains around the special resource don't allow trade post foundation. If the researched levels are enough, please send me your account name and the coordinates of the terrain you want to conquer in a private message.