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Title: alliances
Post by: MyronDansby on December 22, 2015, 08:16:28 AM
i have two quick questions about alliances - one i got three members in my alliance in one realm the computer is telling me that one member has a better scientific research and i could lower coast of such research by making him the sciance officer i looked in to that but don't see how to switch the members around but before i do i will have to find a way to ask them if they will agree to such a thing - so how do i do that?

two is it possible to get my alliances known to members here in the forum rather then go to game play and look over every map the cities on the map and invite them directly - i would like more member in the one that has three members and i would like more then just me in the other - but tracking down each person that isn't in an alliance that has done the tutorial isn't as easy as it sounds - my alliance in either real is a open one for anyone to join so how do i get them known?