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Title: Major New Modules Deployment!
Post by: Angela on November 03, 2015, 18:37:36 PM
Dear Emperors and Empresses,

Two massive modules has been successfully deployed in the game!

1. Mercenaries

A letter has been received in the office of the Imperial High Council, bearing the seal of the newly established Mercenary Guild. Therefore the Council will make an announcement!
Let it be known that many noble men and women have chosen not to be loyal to a certain royal house, but can offer their services in exchange for hard currency!
The Mercenary Guild has already sent them into your Taverns, where you can negotiate a contract with them, choose their talents, names, skills and many more!
Send your servants to your local Tavern with your offers and acquire your new Court members!

2. Legacy

Every great Emperor wants to leave some legacy behind. So he can have his place in history.
Imperia Online Information Agency is glad to announce that all players will now have the opportunity to fight for this legacy, by gaining levels for their Global Accounts, which will never go away and will never diminish! They apply for all Realms the user plays in!
Each player can gain account experience through several means:
- Raising networth points;
- Raising military points;
- Destroying enemy spies;
Also, in order to stimulate the birthrate in all the Realms, the Imperial Ministry of Health announces that each newly born noble baby will grant 20% account experience bonus for 6 hours in the respective Realm!
After reaching a certain account level, different in-game extras, bonuses and rewards will be achieved, some of them include:
- Faster building and research;
- Faster military unit training;
- No more Tutorial, when starting new Era;
- Access to Realms with special rules;

P.S. In order to celebrate the new module, Imperia Online will have the system automatically calculate which of our current accounts is eligible for how much account experience and will immediately grant the respective level and rewards! All the accounts, which have experience below level 10, will be automatically gifted with level 10 Account Level!

Important: The Mercenaries module will not be active in the World Cup Realm. Players will gain Account Experience in the World Cup Realm, but the bonuses will not be applied during the championship!

Strength and Honor, noble warriors!

Title: Re: Major New Modules Deployment!
Post by: Angela on November 04, 2015, 18:03:13 PM
Mobile Apps Clarification

The two new modules, which were deployed in IO - the Mercenaries and the Global Account Levels are currently not available via the game's mobile applications.
Playing via the mobile apps will not generate Global Account Levels experience.