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Title: Server Clock Change
Post by: Angela on October 23, 2015, 15:03:11 PM
The winter is at our doorstep and Imperia is changing its Server Clock. In relation with this event the Imperial Ministry of Metrology has issued an official statement!

The clock in Europe will move backwards with 1 hour (DST) on October 25th (Sunday) at 04:00 AM (Server Time). That means the server will mark 03:00 AM instead of 04:00 am. In relation to this, attacks and army upkeep will be suspended on October 24th at 15:00 Server Time (GMT +2).
- all attacks launched before the suspension will be recalled;
- all alliance wars and premium memberships will be prolonged with the time of suspension
- army upkeep will not be taken although it will as If it has been taken in statistics menu.
- the competition in the realms with active Lord of the Realm will also be prolonged with 24 hours, in case that some alliance maintains the necessary influence.

Attacks will be active on October 25th at 15:00 Server Time (GMT +2).

IMPORTANT: Attacks will not be suspended in the World Cup Qualifiers!

ATTENTION: We highly recommend that you log in to your account prior the activation of the attacks to prevent the army upkeep from being taken for the period you have been offline!