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Title: Temples in V5 MegaBlic 140. The question of happiness?
Post by: chirurgico on July 30, 2015, 23:51:55 PM
I hereby wish to address the establishment of the empire and the players of the empire regardless of whether they buy diamonds or not. Every time I complained about getting ridiculous number of resources or the military in the temples, the answer I received was that the temples matter of luck !? What luck? Temples depend on the economy of the order or the number of employees "farmers" and not luck !!! Happiness has to do with whether you get a certain kind of military or a certain kind of resources and the amount of resources themselves can not be a matter of luck. So the order of 8M worth points in the first four temples on the extra + out 21 thousand Cataphract? !!! What happiness is at stake? It is clear that for yourself temples furniture as well as poker machines in casinos rather than being a reflection of the economy of the order itself. And where did the idea of ​​an empty temple, and now introduces you can draw again suitcase if you got one !!! And when you slide it on the next empty again gives ?! It's a shame. Or establishment will lead your mind in their greed or will MegaBlic from 140 in version 5 go and the few players who play because it is now reduced to secondary tasks. If you look at the same world you are over 10 thousand players and really there are about 300. Gentlemen temples must be related to the economy and not for pokering and manipulation program of random numbers that I once built into poker machines using mine Commodore64 computer. Think about it. A player needs to seek protection of their rights exactly at least those who play strategy V5 as "farmavil6" is totally something else (no offense, but marriage morning and afternoon divorcing me a lot in real life). Martini full support as Serbian administrator