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Post by: puki_oh on July 30, 2015, 12:29:20 PM
Yesterday I had vary big issue in the game,
My alliance is in the middle of war, i had an attack on a big player to check if he is online or not ,
In the middle of the attack there was a maintenance problem in realm 118 and there was no access in the realm so i couldnt recall the attack
It was saying that all attacks will be stooped BUT after 10 min the realm was active my attack went trough ,
I write to IO support and they admit that its their mistake and they transfer me 300 diamonds for the trouble ,
How can be this fixed with 300 diamonds? my losses are very big 70 000 cataprahts 89 000 elite archers, the war is lost ,
and like reward i receive 300 diamonds? cmon please.... i am customer for many years and this is what i get for spending time and money to you people?
Why am i spending money for the game ? please tell me ?
please let me know if this can be handled differently 300 diamonds its like a joke to me?

My user is _PUKI_  realm 118
The battle time was 15:36:02  on 29/07/2015

Post by: Johnnie on July 31, 2015, 18:34:33 PM
you have an answer in the other section, where you posted the same request.