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Title: Battle Calculator and multiple morals during a siege
Post by: darkevil on May 26, 2015, 06:21:16 AM
I'm trying to figure out how the moral system works during a siege.  I realize there are 2 different morals.  
1. Moral for the army as a whole (the only one i seem to be able to see)
2. moral for the infantry and siege weapons attacking the fortress.  

My question is what determines the moral of the infantry and siege machines?

When i perform a siege with just the front line units they always lose 7 moral per turn no matter my casualties.  If i have 4,800 swordsmen and 50 rams then and I lose 1 ram and 150 swords then I'm only losing no more than 3%, these seem too low to cause a 7% moral loss.  Is this a set parameter or is there some way to reduce this very high moral loss?  

Obviously the front line is all that matters.  Once that line breaks (unless it breaks after the walls are broken) the siege is lost.  Any help understanding the mechanics that cause this high moral loss would be very helpful.  Thanks

Title: Re: Battle Calculator and multiple morals during a siege
Post by: Starbuck on May 26, 2015, 09:34:01 AM
Hi Darkevil

each battle rounds you will lose 4 Morale points +/- 3 points depending on which side inflicts more damages on the other.
if you are the only one receiving troop damage (because there are no garrison and only Towers, or because you have no archers), then you will have max Morale losses.

when it comes to the ultimate victory, yes, breaking the Walls is all that matters.
However, in order to arrive at this result, there are various ways to consider :

1) is your army light or heavy/elite troops ?
in the first case, you might want to consider archers in a 5:1 ratio to the garrison
in the latter case, think catapults and trebuchets

2) is there a garrison or just Defense Towers ?
not much to do, but to start with the highest Morale possible
one "easy" way is to raise your Honor to 500 and gets a +20 Morale boost
another is to use your Emperor (+10 Morale), preferably with Attacker in the skill set

Have fun,

Title: Re: Battle Calculator and multiple morals during a siege
Post by: darkevil on May 26, 2015, 13:34:23 PM

Thanks for your help.  All good points.  I wish I could see the moral of both groups in a full siege.  I've had to run the calculator without archers to even see what is actually happening to the front line.  But based on the number of rounds it takes my troops to break and run even with the 6:1 archer ratio (they do have 2 towers which throws it in their favor) it seems the moral still drops 7 per turn.

I realize the calculator is an estimator and not a hard fact kind of tool but it seems pretty awkward, especially when the overall report will show me ending with 40 moral but when you go turn by turn it will show 52 moral remaining on the last round.

I hope in the future they can show both sets of moral to give us a better idea of what is actually occurring even if it is only an estimate.  Until then it seems doing anything to max out my moral is the best thing to do. Thanks for the help

Title: Re: Battle Calculator and multiple morals during a siege
Post by: Starbuck on May 26, 2015, 15:47:55 PM
Hi Darkevil

archers provide supporting fire IF there is a garrison to kill off.
when the defenses are only made up of Tower Defenses, that's when early-game armies of light troops are the most vulnerable

no easy solution : you need to boost your starting Morale and increase your wall-breaking damage output
for the starting Morale, I gave you a few tips before
for wall-breaking, you need to use swordsmen and rams :
1) raise your Combat Techs (Attack to do more melee damage and Armor to have higher resistance for all troops)
2) and remember that you can use melee troops up to 3x time the base garrison of the enemy fort (say you want to break a fort 3, base garrison 200, then you can use up to 600 swordsmen each round)

when you combine both elements, it should be a much easier job to perform ;)

Have fun,