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Title: Tactic not applying against barbarian.
Post by: deathruin on November 28, 2014, 16:35:46 PM
I sent an attack against Barbarian using "strong flanks" formation. But after viewing the result, I loaded the data into simulator for an simulation and the result was different. *xxx*
First, the general skill for the barbarian was wrong, I fixed that manually(this is another bug btw *hmm*), but result still wrong.
Then I changed my formation to default on the simulator, and boom, exact same result. *crazy*
This means for some reason tactic is not being applied against barbarians. No, he was not mirroring my tactic or anything, I checked every possible tactic for him and none would yield the same result as it's a mixture of units and they behave differently in different location(so does enemy's unit)

On another note, as for the reason why I was checking this in the first place:
The War Horse technology used to provide a charge bonus(or at least it said it did), but when I checked today, it no longer does have that line. So I was attempting to check via simulation whether or not the tech actually have an effect(as I had cavalry attacking in that specific battle) and the result is that there is no effect. What the heck happened exactly? Now effectively my investment into the technology is wasted as I don't really care for the speed boost(and it's a long way still until I unlock the next unit tier, and I'd upgrade horses last when it comes to that). :rant:

On yet another note, found another error with the guide thing, guide says "War horses  A research which increases all cavalry units’ speed and attack. +3% per level."
There was never any attack bonus in the current version. *crazy*

deathruin of R160, the specific battle being simulated is the following(I know it can normally only opened in game, but I'm sure you guys can dig up the actual report given the report ID)
[battleRep=307991]deathruin Vs Barbarian Camp 57671[/battleRep]