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Title: Unusual Loss ?
Post by: steven browning on September 25, 2014, 15:24:22 PM
28 k of troops attack player with 500 troops of each first 4 types morale 140.  Battle is siege,  At round  5 castle looses 330k points for 30 dead of mine .this occurs till round round 8 castle at 660 k hit points , kills 16 k troops , including  all rams (650).all spears, swords, horse.  all left is  8 k of archers.  at final battle i lost??      Battle cost me 1444  carts dead , some how, also no resources. Simulation shows me winning every time,  How is this possible. ???
Had a look at the Morale  , his morale stayed at 140 the whole battle, mine progressively declined , started at 100 then as you suspected at round 8 they had none.  Why as i had destroyed his troops and was destroying the castles  didn't his  morale decline. ??? 

Title: Re: Unusual Loss ?
Post by: Muwe on September 25, 2014, 15:26:48 PM
Hi there Steven,

My answer now is going to be a wild guess:

The 28k troops did not sum up to a good enough siege power to take down the fort and your troops fled due to low morale.
In the simulator, you must have forgotten some parameters that had to be set in order to show the correct results.

Could I please ask you to post a screenshot (not the battle link from the game) of the battle itself so I wont have to guess?

Thank you.