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Title: Realm 3 is turning into a joke
Post by: weirlind on August 17, 2014, 16:24:15 PM
Any mods or admins on??

Realm 3 is turning into a joke. Fake wars, fixed battles galore. There are players with over 628 defensive victories and honor raising 1000 in a week.  Battles like this are turning the realm into a pointless waste of 8 months of playing.

What a shame the great 'final era' for loyal v4 players- who spent real money and played for many years- has been turned into a farce by IO.

Guess that's what new players can expect from the newer versions.

Title: Re: Realm 3 is turning into a joke
Post by: Muwe on August 17, 2014, 16:32:17 PM
Hey there,

As stated a few months ago, IO no longer offers support for version 4 realms :(

For any issues please address directly to them as I wouldnt know exactly what to tell you about this situation.

Game support e-mail address is:

Thank you

Title: Re: Realm 3 is turning into a joke
Post by: weirlind on August 17, 2014, 16:50:56 PM
Hi muwe,

I wasn't expecting a reply, so thanks ;-).  Shame the managers and admins are not on the ball as you are!!

I quote from the forum

"Re: End of realms in versions 1, 2, 3 and 4
Esteemed veterans!
You are the ones, who made Imperia Online the game it is today!

As a token of our gratitude for your loyalty IO Team will open 3 Realms on January 6th, 2014:
- A classic Realm, based on the existing Realm 1
- A classic Blitz Realm, based on the existing Realm 10
- A V. 4 Realm, based on the currently existing ones
These Realms will be accessible through free registration for everyone.
All other Realms, which are not version 5 and 6, will be closed, after their Eras end.
The IO Team wishes happy holidays to everyone, who has been playing Imperia from its beginning until now!

Then after half the era has passed... Sorry no more support!!!!  Isn't that the point. That's what the new players have  to look forward to. After all we are "esteemed veterans" who have "made the game what it is today"

I think maybe they should know how loyal players are treated .... Players who have put in their time and money
Respect! Lol

Title: Re: Realm 3 is turning into a joke
Post by: Muwe on August 18, 2014, 09:13:19 AM
I dont think theres ever an easy way to sunset a product or a version of a game, however IO has made the decision to do so for version 4. They will not shut down the realms that have been left open (not for the moment at least) however they no longer offer support. I really wish I could be of more assistance on this matter.


Title: Re: Realm 3 is turning into a joke
Post by: weirlind on August 25, 2014, 20:59:22 PM
Sorry muwe, but I totally disagree with you.

There is a perfect way to sunset a game. Have one final era with some of the best players from all the version 4 realms. Then you can make it fair by setting all production bonuses, construction hours, premiums and guilds free for everyone. Then offer support and ban players that multi account and fix battles..... Sounds a pretty good way to me, wouldn't you agree??

Oh wait a minute!!!! That was done!!!  *crazy*

Then after 6 months of playing it was all thrown out of the window.  *bravo*

In my alliance we were talking about giving the newer versions a go after this era. Can't really say we'll be doing that now.

Title: Re: Realm 3 is turning into a joke
Post by: tiger on August 25, 2014, 22:28:29 PM
We gave 3 totally free classic realms.
V1 - plays aprox 20 players
V3 - also aprox 20 players
V4 - 750 players above 250 k points, but almost half are on vacation, some goldmines... So number isnt so big. 
We cant offer any other service except free play, because we have 2 much newer version (V5 and V6) to support. Which pays servers, internet and everything else to classics. And we must support them, and after really long thinking, unfortunatly it was decided that after month 7 we wont do cheating checks or anything else in classics. It was hard decision because thats are versions which started and make IO the company it is today. But it was decision we had to make. I understand your dissapointment, but unfortunatly we cant provide support for classics. Sorry.