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Title: Gold preservation
Post by: Barbiearian on March 11, 2014, 12:25:32 PM
Whilst in the main, this game is an excellent example of its genre, and should be highly commended, I cannot help feeling that the inability to preserve your gold is a major drawback. Of course, there has to be a balance, between those that are 'playing for free' and paying players, and the morale/score penalty goes a long way to do that, but with the current system, it is possible for a player to be targeted by just a couple of players, and even with the capitulation option, not be able to progress in the game, as gold is so essential. Player A has 250K score - he gets hit by Player B with 500K score - fortress knocked down, zero gold, so now he is forced to sell any res he produces on the market to get gold levels back up and he capitulates. Following day, Player C, also with 500K score hits Player A (this time with a fortress still destroyed as he has been forced to sell any res) - any gold he has made is now taken. Again - he capitulates. Repeats selling res - and guess what - capitulation from Player B runs out - and he returns - cycle repeats. Sure, you can spend the gold on research to stop the opponent getting it, but what happens if you need to save up for lvl 7 centralisation for example. And, of course, you need gold to have any hope of a reasonable army. It becomes completely impossible to do. Now add player D, E, F - you can end up with a player who realises that he cannot progress in the game, so then leaves and finds another. This is my main issue - getting players to try the game is one thing - but the percentage of those that carry on playing needs to be as high as possible, so that the game makes more money for the developers, and ensures it doesn't become just another MMO strategy that falls by the wayside.

Even if you are online 24/7, you are powerless to protect your gold, and I genuinely feel that is something that will put more people off, than it pleases.

Whilst not new to this genre of game, I am new to this particular one, so don't shoot me down if this a bad idea - but to me it seems to be the only major criticism - you cannot have situations where new players are unable to progress, or you will lose them to one of the other hundreds of games out there - this game, especially its support, is far better than the competition. But I think this is an issue that should be looked at. (of course, if its just my lack of experience showing, then tips on how to improve the situation would be appreciated :) I haven't personally suffered as bad a scenario as I portray, although it has been close, but its easy to see how it can happen. The only reason was my opponents choosing not to hit again, they could have made the game impossible if they chose.

Title: Re: Gold preservation
Post by: Angela on March 20, 2014, 15:18:41 PM
The help from the babysitters is useful in this case, they can monitor and protect your account when you are away. Built levels of fortress vault in the capital hide resource amount allowed by their level capacity, while the province is under attack. In later stages of the game, colonies, trading and military posts can be built, resources from the main empire can be transported and hidden there. Sometimes fighting back to the attack and help from the allies might be the best solution when somebody is constantly trying to loot your gold and resources. Thank you for suggesting

Title: Re: Gold preservation
Post by: Barbiearian on March 20, 2014, 15:48:01 PM
That is my point - there is no way of transferring gold - even if online. Or if there is, I haven't been able to find it. Please can you advise how I transfer gold - I have colonies, trading posts and military posts - and there seems no way of protecting or transferring gold to them. The gold reserve seems locked in your main province, and it doesn't matter if you are online 24/7, there is no way of protecting it. A fortress vault simply is not adequate - unless you feel saving 2 minutes of army upkeep in gold is sufficient.

I had heard this was an option in v5 and removed in v6, but I do not know if that is accurate or not.

Title: Re: Gold preservation
Post by: Angela on March 20, 2014, 16:50:20 PM
Yes, my mistake, sorry, the option is available only in version 5. For now, the gold will be preserved if it is spent on buying resources in another province while the capital is under attack. We will review your suggestion, thank you.