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Title: Unjustified ban in r105
Post by: brrano on September 25, 2013, 20:14:39 PM

my nick is brunodnb, and I play in r105.

I would like to ask why a member of my alliance - bullethead - got a temoprary attack ban.

He was attacking player keyser-soze, from the alliance The_Black_Adder. After the attack, keyser sent bullethead a message that he doesn't see his attack, and that he is a hacker, and he will get him banned. We didn't understand what he is talking about until he sent a screenshot - and really - despite 6 attacks from bullethead on keyser-soze, not 1 red sword was present for keyser-soze, so he was correct.

What he wasn't correct about is that bullethead would use some kind of a hack. This bug happened to more players, in more realms, and we didn't even know about it untill we started asking. Why would bullethead use a hack when he was attacking with 10k swordsmen on empty forts?

I would like you to remove the ban from bullethead, and to apologize to him. I know player's in black adder spend a lot of money in the game, but you have some rules here, and you just can't bend them anytime a player from a big-spending alliance makes-up some story that someone is a hacker.

Can you please do what is right in this situation, admit that what you did was wrong, and simply apologise for acting too quickly and without thinking? This would close the matter. thanks

Title: Re: Unjustified ban in r105
Post by: amanite on September 25, 2013, 20:29:55 PM

my name is Amanite and I play with bruno in r105. I also strongly disagree with the ban. It is unfair. Please remove it and apologise.

Title: Re: Unjustified ban in r105
Post by: Angela on September 26, 2013, 10:23:03 AM
Your friend received an answer from about the reasons for his ban. The owner of the account has to write for himself from his registration email to the support mail in his language when he/she wants to know the reasons for the punishment, we don't give information to other owners. There was a problem with the incoming attack icons which was later fixed, but we never punish players for that.