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Title: Defending with new rules in place
Post by: Piackage on March 06, 2013, 02:12:43 AM
The new rules have just been released, and it appears they were done in an attempt to balance offense and defense a bit more. But even now, defensive play is still very difficult. For example: I play an Imperian, with a strong focus on defense and economy. I believe I have the best of both in my Realm. I have my Capital boxed in Province 4, as most do. I have a Lvl 9 Fortress in my Capital, I have Lvl 29 Ranged Attack bonus (max is 30), I have a Rich Granite Colony for 10% Fort HP, I have maximum levels of all Defensive Structures (moats, vaults, sanctuaries, towers), I have Lvl 24 Fortification for Fort HP bonus and Lvl 20 Military Architecture so I can garrison many more of my incredibly elite archers. It garrisons 38,400 Elite Archers and 96 Ballista in the Towers. There are only a small number of things I could possibly to make my Fortress any strong. It's just about as strong as one could possibly hope for. I am very proud of my defenses.

Despite all this, and with the new rule changes in place to reduce attacking archers attack by 5x, my Fortress is still destroyed easily. Is there anything that can be done to improve my defenses further, that I'm missing? Should I increase my Armor research further so my garrison stays alive longer? Is a Field Army required to successfully defend? The new rules make Field Armies heal as though they won if an attacker tries to come and destroy it separately before sending a siege on the Fortress. I suspect this is the intended use of the new rules. If that is so, what are some of you having success with while defending? Please share your methods for those of us who wish to play a defensive style game.

I would like to have a field army consisting of 50% Elite Archers, just because I have spent so many resources on boosting my ranged attack research. I feel I should certainly be exploiting that as much as possible. But what units would defend well in the field? I thought an 80:20 mix of Phalanx:Paladins would be best, with huge archer support and a strong center formation. So for example: I would have a field army of 80k Phalanx (70k center, 10k reserve), 20k Paladins (10k in each flank) and 100k Elite Archers behind them. Obviously that would scale up or down as my army grows/dies, but I would aim to keep that ratio. The idea is that Phalanx are cheap and in large numbers gain a very impressive damage bonus.

I'm hoping for a nice discussion of defensive tactics and some good advice. I'm really getting sick of being farmed by these offensive juggernauts.

Title: Re: Defending with new rules in place
Post by: gthyju378 on March 06, 2013, 13:35:30 PM
Is a sterile discution, we all know that a defensive game was possible till v4a, and no more in v5, game version that is fitest for diamond boys / nomads / sleepless alliances /multiacc / etcetcetc.

Title: Re: Defending with new rules in place
Post by: Piackage on March 07, 2013, 00:14:02 AM
I noticed that. When the recent rules changes were announced though, I had hoped it was in an effort to bring balance back between offense and defense. It has helped, but the game is still way out of whack as I see it.

Title: Re: Defending with new rules in place
Post by: gthyju378 on March 07, 2013, 00:50:31 AM
I dont see it as a balancing policy, I see it as a anti abandoning policy.

Title: Re: Defending with new rules in place
Post by: Piackage on March 07, 2013, 04:02:35 AM
How do you mean? Because of the removal of the 6-hour break? I didn't think that had any purpose other than their stated reasoning of making the mobile version more accessible. However, that doesn't really seem necessary to me. Mobile allows us to play at work or while away from home now, but it doesn't allow us to play in our sleep. And when we sleep is when most of us would complete our 6-hour break. I don't think I see the connection between increasing the use of the mobile app and the removal of the 6-hour break. They have given their reason, but didn't do a good job of explaining why they felt it was necessary.

Title: Re: Defending with new rules in place
Post by: jrose323 on March 26, 2014, 04:20:52 AM
I agree. Defense is nearly impossible in this game. Im basically just a free stockpile to be raided whenever someone needs a hand for players that are far more elite than I am with no possible way for me to defend myself and in turn, no way to build myself up because I get hit daily before I can even have the resources to rank up to a stronger defense. Not even sure why I even play at this point.

Title: Re: Defending with new rules in place
Post by: Amicolo on March 06, 2015, 13:02:40 PM
Hi, this (old) discussion is really very interesting. Thank you for sharing.

Could you tell us what was the composition of the super-army that successfully destroyed your giga-stronghold? And what is the cost of this battle for both sides?
Was it just a challenge for supremacy to bring down the giga-stronghold, or did he attacked for your ressources? I wonder if there was no ressources to take, would he take the risk to attack without reward?
I know, you may not remember, but if someone has a similar situation now, any answer could help. Thanks

Title: Re: Defending with new rules in place
Post by: Starbuck on March 08, 2015, 17:03:58 PM
Hi Amicolo

this is about v5, which has the Nomads with a full set of original troops playable
in v6 (and in all other versions), only Imperians are available

in addition, there are a few other modifications to the game mechanics, so v5 and v6 battle mechanics can't really be compared like for like

Have fun,