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Title: 6 hour ban
Post by: Tassilo on January 22, 2013, 21:59:20 PM
hi i got a strange problem , i playon 3 realms 5(blitz) , 105 , 131(blitz). i put on my pc on 9.00 and start on one of the realms and work my way trough them . on 11. i look into my accounts again , and so on untill 23.30- 00.00 i turn down my pc . It seems enough time to avoid the blokkade . Well the strange thing is on realm5 it seems i have been playing 24hours long and i never logged out , but only on that realm and he wants to block it at 23.00 tonight. I will logged out before , but this can become a problem can you look onto this matter please ?

second question is , is there a ingame support button to contact support?? i cant find it

thx for the help

a few minutes after i wrote this the timer has reset hisself , i dont know if support had a hand in it or just a question of timing , if you  did thx . Only question is how do i send a mail to support?

Title: Re: 6 hour ban
Post by: Цезар on January 22, 2013, 23:38:01 PM