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Title: Helpp
Post by: Cengiz_Khan on December 15, 2012, 13:24:52 PM

dear imperial online crew i'm playing on era tr 14 my nick name cengiz_khan.. my army was disbanded by baybysitter illegaly , i has confirmed the turkish support that the disband is out of my order and they gave back or loaded back muy army but after this the player imperial26 who was a moderatror or a administrator got my account and let everybody to attack me and got my all productions for his alliance takelarge credit form the bank and used it for alliance and disbandend rest of my army. he a
he also used his admin or moderotor authority in order to devolop power to hisalliance illegaly. i want you to end this unfair competition in this era otherweise i will not play this game again. you can check out my ıp , the ip that disband my army and also all illegalities on this era ..
era tr 14
my nick : cengiz_khan