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Title: Stale mate
Post by: SCRUB on October 11, 2012, 21:56:31 PM
 it is now 5 weeks since the Leaders of the realm Battles when into effect. the Horde has 4 castles Turkiye owns 5  Orao 1 and Ingerul_Alb 1.
    At the start Horde had 5 gave 1 up to Ingerul_Alb. And here it sits 5 weeks running.  there is no Body to fight Most of the smaller alliances gave up at its onset.I stayed in as long as I could I didn't have any active members in my alliance most had Moved on to newer realms in the eternal chase of excitement.
 It is time for those that be  to end this stand still.
 Granted I admire the ingeniousness of the Hordes, and Turkiye's decision to work to gether to make the realm last forever. as long as no one Holds 60% of the alliance castles the era Just goes on and on. Much to my dismay and others that grew in friendships are now scattered among numerous other realms.


Title: Re: Stale mate
Post by: SCRUB on October 11, 2012, 22:02:21 PM
  And in the last few days I finally Disbanded all my troops  and put all the resources in an outer province. Till this day they sit collecting dust.
    And I leave the realm 
scrub prov. 18 24 mil wood and then some     Actual Points (after disbanding troops)   676 412
                                                                    Military Points              403 967    
                                                                     Honor                      8 764    

  *bravo* *bravo* *bravo* *bravo* *bravo* *bravo* *bravo* *bravo* *bravo* *bravo* *bravo*