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Title: We need you, Reporters!
Post by: Oton on September 29, 2012, 09:01:14 AM
From today, until the start of the IO World Cup: Second Edition, our Team is recruiting Reporters, who will cover the coming up Clash of the Nations in the land of Imperia.

What do we offer?

 - Unlimited amount of Imperial Reporter positions for each of the languages our game is translated on;
 - Easy to use web interface, on which you will write your chronicles for our special IO World Cup website;
 - Special Imperial Reporter badges, which will be visible in your profile and all the in-game statistics, as well as Imperial Reporter forum badges;
 - Rewards in Diamonds, as well as long-term engagements in future news-related IO projects;
 - Full World Cup Qualifiers coverage in a special column, in the competition web-site;

What do we require from you?

 - To be able to write stories, chronicles, news and comments up to 750 symbols;
 - To post a text, describing a battle, war, conflict or some other event from the world of IO in this thread, which has to be up to 750 symbols;
 - To be motivated to cover the biggest event in the history of IO;

Note: Players, who have both qualified as finalists in the IO World Cup and are approved as Reporters, will have to choose between competing in the Tournament or covering the event. Approved Reporters will be able to both participate in the qualifiers and cover them.

You can write your participation texts in this thread: