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Title: french description of army containing elite archers
Post by: Blaster on September 07, 2012, 14:02:59 PM

when pointing the mouse over the number of soldiers coming to or going out from our empire, a popup of the description of the army is displayed.

for instance :

From|To|Total Number of soldiers|Remaining Time|Operation
Prov 4|Enemy - Prov 1|123456|4:01:16|Spy

when you focus on 123456 , a popup is expected to be displayed, such as :

Heavy pikemen : 1234
Elite archers : 4567
Heavy swordsmen : 6789
Heavy cavalery : 3456

in english version, it is working fine, but in french version, when you have elite archers in the army, the popup is not displayed.

this is because in french, "elite archer" is translated "archers d'élites" , with a quote between "d" and "élite".

this quote must be unspecialized, so that the popup script works fine.
thank you.

PS : noticed in the R105, but probably the same whatever the realm ;)