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Title: Can't change password
Post by: clapdown on October 17, 2011, 20:33:53 PM
Hi. I have 4 accounts in imperia (realms 2,3,30 and 85) under the same nick. I registered in realm 85 by accident (though its 82) and I want to go on vac mode after I seperate account with a different password. The thing is whenever I change password in realm 30 it automatically also changes another password in realm 85 and vice versa. Login window always contains 30 and 85 realms after I change even only one password in one realm, fill in new login details and hit enter. I can still login in both accounts. Both accounts are unlinked. By the way then I am loging in realm 82 under different nick it still shows realm 30. Any suggestions?

Title: Re: Can't change password
Post by: yovanna on October 18, 2011, 08:43:07 AM

So if you change the password of one of your accounts, part of your global account, the password becomes valid for all global account accounts.

The weird thing here is that with a different username in realm 82, so consequently not part of the global account, you still see login option 82 when you intend to enter the realm 30 account. Thus, I will need usernames so I could check.