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Title: Before posting a suggestion
Post by: Lord Rogue on August 30, 2007, 22:49:23 PM
Here are some things you might want to consider before making a suggestion here

1) SEARCH before you suggest. A lot of suggestions have been made in the past more than once. The ability to use Siege Engines in defensive battles, suggestions for defensive weapons or extra capabilities and so on have been made so many times… on the top panel, where it says search… SEARCH…. Use it…

2) consider the practicality of your suggestion – Is it practical? Can it be implemented? Would it work?

3) consider the BALANCE effects of your suggestion – Yeah, giving paladins 50% more armor and 50% more attack and allowing them to attack forts would make them totally hot… but also disbalance the game. The rule of thumb is – if your suggestion makes something (Unit, Building, Research, Honor, Morale) obsolete or pointless – it is disbalancing and therefore not good.

4) The more detailed and thought of your suggestion is, the better. Saying "Dude, I'd love to have the ability to build up awesome balistas on my fort and it would be totally gnarly" is bad. Detailing how it would work, what would be the cost, what would be the strengths and weaknesses… that's how you should make it…

5) be prepared to answer uncomfortable questions – you had this awesome idea and you detailed it according to the four rules given….and suddenly some wiseass player comes and points what he sees as an obvious flaw but you haven't considered as such/haven't considered at all… don't start fighting and don't make like a tree and leave… if you think your suggestion is worth it, find the answers to problems as people raise them…

6) Remember it is a suggestion. The admins will have to think about it before they consider it to be implemented or apply it to the game. If it is being implemented it is not implemented right away. Remember programmers are not magician. They have to worked on it to implement it; so it takes time. Just be patient and wait.

These tips were compiled by Liera and Lord Rogue.