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Title: World Cup
Post by: yovanna on May 18, 2011, 12:19:06 PM
Imperia Online - World Cup!

The first Team World Cup will start on August 15th. The World Cup tournament will take place in a closed blitz realm (speed x4) where the national teams of each country will participate. The national teams will be formed by the 30 top players of the qualifications.

Qualifications for the national teams:

The qualifications for entering the national teams will start on June 15th. They will follow the Nomad Invasions format. Each participant will have to face 33 waves. The top 30 players of each country, ranked by net worth points, will form the respective national team.

Participation is totally free. Only accounts at more than 500 points and registered before May 18th, 12 pm (GMT +2) will be able to enter for. The full rules of the World Cup tournament and the qualifications will be soon available!