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Title: Gifts
Post by: maeof on December 27, 2010, 09:58:48 AM
EDIT: I don`t want to curse or swear here also I don`t want any discussions on this - I don`t make the game, there are people who work for this.
        Please, don`t take my opinion so seriously, it`s just my thoughts.
        Topic locked by myself.

Now hear my opinion, these gifts are imbalancing the game. If v5`s era is over 1 year and every year we have Christmas.
So we`ll gift every year these gifts and we`re going to imbalance the game every year?
Imperians need to invest more to compete with nomads.

Also gifts changed all the rankings.
The one who is first in the rankings by net worth points has this ammount of gifts.
61 gifts.
There are players who have more.

Diamonds were big advantage: 10h production; Guilds; Vocation; Premium etc.
Now diamonds have 10x advantage then never: Army; Resources; Guilds; Diamonds etc.

So conclusion and rule like in maths:
The one who will invest every year more money and just a little bit time, the one will control the realm for long time.