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Title: The authentic article in one of the French newspapers ...
Post by: mcmate on April 26, 2010, 13:18:28 PM
Poland. Here we find ourselves in a world of absurdity. Country in which every
fifth resident lost his life during the Second World War
a fifth of the people living outside the country and in which every 3
resident is 20 years old.

Country brutally torn from the age-old traditions, which restored
their capital by Canaletto paintings, and restored old town
as new. The country, which is two times more students than France,
and the engineer here earns less than the average worker. Country where
man appears more than twice the earnings, where the average
salary does not exceed the price of three pairs of good shoes, where
while there is poverty, and foreign capital pushes the door
and windows. Country in which licenses govern monopolies.

Country, the capital city, which faces the center of modern office buildings,
offering rooms at 10 to 30 USD per square meter. Country
car in which the price is equal to the three-year earnings, and yet
it is difficult to find a place in the parking lot. Country where you can
to buy rugs, put parking meters and pay the state only
10% tax on their profits. Country in which they were ruled by the Socialists in
the church holidays are days off from work (!), where
to obtain a passport until recently was a problem, yet
Over 3.5 million people a year go on holiday abroad.
The only country of the former socialist bloc, in which the citizen
allowed to possess U.S. dollars, although he may not buy or sell their
outside banks and kantorami. Aliens must resign here
with any logic, if you do not want to lose the ground under his feet.

A strange country where you can talk with the waiter in English,
the chef French, German, and the salesman Minister
or any government official only through
interpreter. Poles ..! How do you do that ..? :hmmm: