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Title: How does the bureaucracy work?
Post by: Krum on July 19, 2007, 15:26:09 PM
1. You have 25 provinces in your empire borders. They are not meant to get all colonized. The reason for them to be that many is so no player feels he has gotten unlucky an is "stuck only with mountains" or "only with fields" and so on.

2. Most players will have about 7-8 provinces with some exceptions of 9-10.

3. The bureaucracy, or more like the lack of, works the following way:

Every new province after your first is 20% less efficient, until it reaches 0%. It cannot be negative - after reaching 0% the process stops. This means that if you have 10th level of bureaucracy every province after the 6th will be at 50% efficiency..... If you succeed in researching level 20, all of your provinces will work at 100% efficiency.

4. Even if you do not have 100% efficiency it is still worth colonizing - it can be so you wall one of your provinces or so you can have a mountain province where you can build a large fortress, or for population - villager growth is not affected by the lack of efficiency.

PS For the people who didn't understand anything - You CANNOT have more than 100% efficiency!

PSS Sometimes to put a new level of bureaucracy in exploitation you may have to go to Reports-->Province and then change all of your provinces one after another.