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Title: Vikings & Cezar OWNED
Post by: PACO_666 on January 30, 2010, 20:51:24 PM

So here you have 2 of the best alliances, Vikings and Cezar ( wich were like 3rd alliance at the time of this story ), and another 2 alliances trying to regroup some good members. lets take it step by step...


1- Wizards declare war on Tampliers
2- One day before this war ends, Vikings declare free war on Wizards
3- 3 minutes later Cezar declare war on Wizards ( irony )

so as you see we owned Tampliers, started fighting Cezar, then thought if we get the lead on Cezar, then one single attack on Vikings without receiving any defeats shoud be enought to win all 3 wars  *freak*
so we were all online and as soon as somebody saw a Vikings attack hed say it on chat, then get kicked from the alliance  *freak*
so by the time i catched a Cezar army and raped it, there was like 4 members in the alliance. when my army got back i send it on pillage for a viking , kiked all members and went V mode *freak*
Cezar and Vikings went nuts and started to threaten our members, maybe just one of them got army destroyed

4- One day before our war ends, our dear freinds decalre free war on Cezar  *freak*
5- Ironicly one day later Vikings declare free war on DDT, though they said to me that they didnt tag team on Wizards and those 3 minutes difference was a total coincidence, IRONY  *freak*

so DDT was fighting as hell and trying to keep up with their huge armies, by the time they got the lead on both of them they had like only 1 or 2 members able to continue the war, so they kicked evrybody and last 2 of them hit V mode, and again Vikings and Cezar got owned

so there u have it, next time dont tag team on weaker alliances  *freak*

Title: Re: Vikings & Cezar OWNED
Post by: HRdevil on January 30, 2010, 21:14:54 PM
The Word N00b is something vikings don't know yet:

 *hahaha* *hahaha*

So yeah, they declare wars to weak alliances (By numbers but very expirienced) thinking that they will get free income, but all they get is a free woopin !

Title: Re: Vikings & Cezar OWNED
Post by: NecromanceR on February 12, 2010, 14:21:52 PM
WTF    sorry guys but with this kind of player in alliance i never will declare a war .  good job DDT AND WIZARDS