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Title: Randomfire vs DraGons part 3: MISSION ACCOMPLISHED
Post by: blackdeath on August 02, 2009, 13:14:40 PM
well, this is finally the end of a very well executed campaign against my very first big enemy alliance since i have played this game, i am happy but i am sad because now i will just have to make new enemies :evil3:. due to some new hunting skills i have developed  *WRITE* *WRITE*, i was able to catch and kill all major members of DraGons. Only the slippery markx remains, but then, there are still 3 days left in this final bloody campaign. After 3 violent attacks on s_sam2001(maryar) each of which were successful hits on his army, he sent me this message, its here in its original form, unedited........... *suicide* *suicide* *suicide*

S_sam2001;`I quit this game because you made me sick of playing with such malignant and malevolent person like you despite that is a game I never faced such rotten mantillity like yours. There is a good side and a bad side to most people, and in accordance with your own character and disposition you will bring out one of them and the other will remain a sealed book to you. You must be happy of your dirty character or your dirty look because you stick all the time besides your PC nothing but IO. `

He couldnt take anymore guys. DraGons are now dead and i have had revenge for him making my wife *friends* get banned from the game.   *evil* *evil**rose* *rose*R*I*P DraGons *rose* *rose*