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Title: Ties in wars
Post by: Petertje on October 15, 2007, 12:49:34 PM
I already posted this in the questions section, but I did not receive any answer, nor from other players, nor from the Mods.
We (Belgica) fought a war with another alliance (Abdulhamid). Well, they attacked us  :)
The war ended in a tie: we both scored the same amount of points. Nobody got any points, nor war income. But I see that this war does not even appear in the "Alliance Ranking" section of the Information. Abdulhamid fought 2 wars up to know (1 draw, 1 win) but they stand with 1 war fought, 1 win. As we (Belgica) are not even present even though we fought a war (hard and well I may add). This is weird: IMHO there should be some compensation for a war that ended in a draw (points sharing?).
What is your opnion  :-\? I would really like to know what the Mods/Game organisers think of this!