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Title: Ninth wave.
Post by: Oton on July 27, 2008, 13:16:29 PM
There is nothing more frightning than the sight of the advancing cavalry.
Not even seeing it. Nor fighting it. You only need to hear it - approaching in light thrust, slowly increasing its speed, until it turns into a wide wave, running over anything that stands in its way.
The lands of imperia felt this force on their backs, waking up put to flames and carnage.
Petsmart - The Horse Master vanquished close to 1 milion imperian soldiers and what he did to the civil population would echo theough these lands for years after. Hundreds of cities and villages were burning. News reached the few emperors who were able to fend off the nomad outrage and made the bravest amongst them to be silent.
The darkness was slowly descending upon the free kingdoms, accompanied by the milions souls sent into oblivion.
There were no prisoners this time.
The Horse Master killed everyone and left the bodies to the mercy of the nature.

Ninth wave results:

Successful pillages: 813
Defenders' victories: 191

Nomads killed: 4081916
Imperian soldiers killed: 962645

Civil population killed: 3944968

The catapult lightly squeeked when its arm was released, sendig the huge basalt rock at 2 miles distance.
The stone tower, specially built for the purpose, literally exploaded.
Oton and Flinstoun were on their horses, side by side, observing the preparation.
'You realize that the Imperian Fortresses are far stronger than this quickly assembled tower, don't you', Oton's forehead was lined by doubts.
The Wild One did not respond immediately.
They hated each other for years. Each one of them wanted to be First among Equals. They thought differently. They fought and commanded differently. There was only one thing uniting them - the deep hatred of the civilized world.
'Ask me again this question when i return from the next battle, sacrificed a lot less troops than you! Oh... forgive me, Conquerer of slaves, villagers, women and children!
Oton drew out his sword slowly, blinded by rage.
'You, filthy dog...', he started, but a voice came from the back:
'One more quarrel and will have you both skinned alive!'
For the first time since the beginning of the Great Campaign Xaoc was out of his tent. He was still looking like giant, no matter not riding a horse.
'The soldiers are looking and you are ready to kill each other like some animals!'
Both generals immediately dismounted, proned and offered their backs.
Xaoc stepped on Oton's and mounted his horse.
'Make another test', he ordered.