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Title: Letter to all free Emperors
Post by: Machucado on July 23, 2008, 13:23:43 PM
Dear Sir,

Let me salute you for your fine empire, your beautiful people and your highly developed culture. Your development is the envy of a whole world. The ornaments on your fortress bring pride to your name and crest. It is obvious you take great care of estetich detail.

In the last few days my own empire has been attacked by barbarians, with some success, even if they have not been able to breach our fortresses. Thousands of our workers have been killed. As I understand it, others have suffered similar attacks, with some variations. At this very moment, my empire is under attack from a leper-stricken horde of a few thousand men. I assure you they will not come closer than an archers range of our fortress.

The attackers are numerous, getting stronger and braver for each day, will not stop. According to information gathered they will attack until the end of our times, for 30 days.

We have moved up to the mountains, a cold, harsh and barren place where we cannot farm anything but rocks and iron. The attacks have not yet reached us, but it is just a question of time, they will come.

The leaders of the barbarians are a badly organized sect, extremely bad organized. They hold a tent with games, where people pay to get burned, crushed and sodomized, sometimes among the "players" themselves, but mostly by what they call "Admins" or "Moderators", badge bearing people with sadistic traits.  According to the guest books called "The Forum" where the "players" write about their experiences they come all over the world to become addicts of these "versions" and "Realms".

According to "The Forum"-books we have managed to recopile some information about the leaders of the filthy dog-eating attackers.

Xaoc: the owner of the game tents and artifice of the "games". He lives on the blood of Imperians, drinks it for lunch, takes their money and enslaves their souls.

CaXo: a professional engineer. Works with the architecture of the games as well as fine carpentry. Is known for seeking out parts of the games, taking these parts away, just to enrage the "players".

Jane_Air: speaks all the tongues of the "Players", makes sure no information is lost in the quest for enslaving them. 

Oton: his thirst for blood is unquenchable. He is the worst of the worst in "The Forum", he evicts imperian sould to an even darker side, something called a "ban". The banned souls cannot do anything, nothing at all, but watch the evil hell of other imperians.

Please share your own information about the leaches atacking us, and please defend every inch of your territory.

Your truly


Title: Re: Letter to all free Emperors
Post by: k_mihai on July 23, 2008, 13:33:23 PM
Your Highness!

You acts of bravery have astonished the whole civilized world, caught in those dark times of savagery and barbarism. Those heathen attackers, who know no law or mercy have plagued our peace-loving establishments for days, and they don`t show any sign of stopping. They even deny being responsable for their actions, especially Jane Air, the Amazon.

We are fortunate that, in their barbaric ways, they still haven`t grasped the higher notions of civilized warfare. The upermost advanced war technique, using war machine, the secret of fabricating it and use it to break our strong walls is still unknown to them. We must work together to keep that fundamental knowledge away from those up to no good nomads.

Most beneficent one,

Title: Re: Letter to all free Emperors
Post by: Machucado on July 23, 2008, 13:41:14 PM

Thank you for your prompt and kind response.

What war machine is it you speak of? I have no such knowledge, so it will be fairly easy to keep that away from the  lice-infested savages.

In times already passed, we did have a technology of breaking walls. Today we have forgotten how to build them, so rest assure they will not learn it from us.

We are a peacefull people and do not send cowardice attacks on other people, how filthy and ugly they may be.

Title: Re: Letter to all free Emperors
Post by: KoSaC on July 23, 2008, 13:42:26 PM
wtf  *xxx*
dear nomads,
you can pillage me,you can TRY to fortress siege me,but i aint surrendering.gimme your best shot.
Truly yours,
KoSaC  *freak*

Title: Re: Letter to all free Emperors
Post by: k_mihai on July 23, 2008, 14:03:58 PM

Unfortunately, even if that knowledge is lost, the loyalty of some of our subjects is doubtfull. Some wretches, infidels who don`t appreciate the need for revenue required by the vast effort to defend their pathetic lives and income, dare to be discontent with our righteous taxes. There is the risk that some may pass forbidden knowledge to the barbarian hordes assailing us, choosing a live in misery and ignorance over the comfort of civilization, the highest achievement mankind can aspire. Even our merciful beheadings may not be able to stop those traitors.

Yours truly,


Unfortunately, the civilized people are under great stress from those unworthy nomads, whose numbers grow every day. If we risk attacking their uncivilized lands, with no towns, roads and other means, we risk total obliteration. the fate of civilization is too important to be risked in such adventures.

Most beneficient one,

Title: Re: Letter to all free Emperors
Post by: Machucado on July 23, 2008, 14:09:25 PM

I have concluded my last colonization, I have no power to colonize more, and I see no use in it. It will be hard enough to defend the 4 provinces we have.

I suggest we form some sort of coalition, an alliance. 1000 of the best empires, so we can confront the excrement-eating assailants.

What sayeth ye of this?

Your truly

P.s. Is Kosac with us or against us? He seems a bit nomadic to me.

Title: Re: Letter to all free Emperors
Post by: KoSaC on July 23, 2008, 14:13:03 PM
i am with you,no matter i like pillages  *freak* .
just dunno am i in top 1000  *hahaha* *freak*

Title: Re: Letter to all free Emperors
Post by: k_mihai on July 23, 2008, 14:15:00 PM
Dear sir,

Agreed. United we can stand and crush that vermin. Kosac looks strange, we should be cautious with him. May a suggest a swift resolve, a test of faith for him. I mean, we should let him face the barbarians, and, if he fights, is ok, if not, we should crush his empire.

Title: Re: Letter to all free Emperors
Post by: KoSaC on July 23, 2008, 14:20:07 PM
dear friend,
 *freak* i fear no barbarians.i am more afraid of that they will stop attacking and i will be bored to death  *gamer* i want them to double their army in next attack  :head_hurts_kr:

Title: Re: Letter to all free Emperors
Post by: Machucado on July 23, 2008, 14:21:55 PM
Emperor Aetius,

You are an experienced warrior, although mid-range. Tell me, I have heard of a technology or its like, that serves as a barrier against attacks. It is, of course, a cowardice measure, but it could be usefull for some Emperors that have no skills, that are followers of others.

It implies a white flag and bears the name of "Capitulation". Do you know anything about this?

Rumours are reaching about the mounted units of the rabies-infected barbarians. Is it true that they ride on mooses? As you know mooses are holy in our empire and such a blasfemy will be punished.

Kosac must confront the attackers, he will fight. 


Title: Re: Letter to all free Emperors
Post by: KoSaC on July 23, 2008, 14:25:03 PM
 *hihi* dear moose worshiper
sorry to tell you this,but in my country moose is main dessert  *freak* would you sell us some moose we ate them all *freak*

Title: Re: Letter to all free Emperors
Post by: Machucado on July 23, 2008, 14:29:17 PM
Dear Kosac,

I understand the differences in our culture, and we may remain friends in spite of our gastronomic differences. The preferred dessert in our empire is slightly different, "mousse"...  *rose*

Title: Re: Letter to all free Emperors
Post by: KoSaC on July 23, 2008, 14:33:39 PM
dear friend,
i understand you so i am inviting you on moose with mousse  *freak* *hihi*  dunno how we will combine those two but we will think of something  *freak*

Title: Re: Letter to all free Emperors
Post by: k_mihai on July 23, 2008, 14:35:32 PM
Emperor llllllll,

Word of that cowardice has reached our ears. Fortunately, it is limited to half-barbarian realms of Gion smth, who calls itself a king, though none of us recognized. But, i doubt that those nomads will be impressed by flags, they can`t understand its meaning.  

About mounted units, as you know, the barbarians know no law, and have no respect for any religion. From what you traders said, they ride horses, though they have difficulties controlling them. But, beware, if they breach you walls, the sacred mooses won`t be safe anyome


Title: Re: Letter to all free Emperors
Post by: Hiske on July 23, 2008, 14:50:55 PM
Good afternoon my dear fellow emperors and empresses,

I have experienced the same cowardice attacks as you have. Luckily so far I could save each and every one of my villagers but I fear that when time comes the attacks might be too much for my humble empire. I've always been taught that attacking is the best defense; but somehow I'm not able to attack those barbaric nomads. My soldiers just don't want to go to battle towards them! I don't know what is going on; I've never experienced any problems with my beloved soldiers and when those bastards attack my lands they fight well to defend it!

The Lineremperor speaks about 'capitulation' or 'white flag' and honestly I have no idea what exactly that is. I've seen something like that a few times with enemies; but I couldn't tell you anything specific about it.

Last thing I'd like to say is a word of warning. Those barbaric bastards (aka 'nomads') seems to have no mercy and although I can't move my soldiers to help other empires; I'd like you to know that you are all in my daily prayers. May each and every one of you have the strength to oppose the barbarians and may your soldiers be thirsty for blood without feeling any mercy. Barbarians deserve no less...

Greetings and good luck!


Title: Re: Letter to all free Emperors
Post by: k_mihai on July 23, 2008, 14:58:32 PM
Dear empress noob (a high title in our civilization),

Your deeds and tenacious struggle against the barbarian hordes are legendary. Poets and ministrels everywhere sing about the victories of your invincible armies. I recommend to try beheading some of you disobeing subjects, that policy worked well in my realms.

But, you should know, that all of us, the civilized world, united, even if only in spirit will crush those wretches.

Yours truly,

Title: Re: Letter to all free Emperors
Post by: Oton on July 23, 2008, 15:02:15 PM
Dear so called "civilized" rulers of Imperia.

On behalf of my master Xaoc i must make an announcement.

As every other ruthless corporation in the world we have unlimited funding and we act beyond moral or ethic boundaries.
Our nomads are multiplying with extreme speeds and soon they will be out of your puny economics leagues. IO: Nomads Invasions is the ultimate decision  for us to deal with the never stopping whiners, rebels, ex and future wannabe quitters, critics, etc. We shall cleanse the lands of Imperia once and for all. And this time - we will look good in the process.

You call us excrement-eating barbarians.
So be it... Jedai.

Your feeble skills are no much for the power of the Dark Side.
We get paid to make you pay to be beaten by us.
Who's the guy with the brains?

So... get fat, drop your guard... think you are invincible and stuff...
Write your letters and assure yourselves you are civilized. Hold your hands during the long dark nights, if you want to.
We will enjoy enslaving your loved ones and dropping your precious lvl 6 and 7 Forts.
Soon the illegal rebellion will be crushed... and you all will be... ours.
So... don't make it harder than it should be.
Turn yourself to the Dark Side.
Or die.

                                                                                                        Yours truly: Oton

Title: Re: Letter to all free Emperors
Post by: Machucado on July 23, 2008, 16:21:49 PM
Sir Alex,

You have a wierd sense of humour  *rose*

Title: Re: Letter to all free Emperors
Post by: Hiske on July 23, 2008, 17:02:22 PM
dear Oton, slave of Xaoc,

Please tell your master one very important thing; we are proud Imperians, rulers of the free world and we'll not surrender to anything you could possibly threaten us with. Our hearts will always be free and no matter what chaos this 'Xaoc' will bring us, you can't tear us apart! We are proud and strong and even without unlimited funding we will show you that fighting for what we believe is right, is undoubtly more important than your no doubt flawless economy. I'm sorry to tell you that you will fail in your crusade to cleanse the lands of Imperia from whiners, rebels and so on. You can try, of course, but I must warn you; those who fight with their hearts are strong. Please go on, underestimate us, for we will show you what it means to fight for what is right.



Title: Re: Letter to all free Emperors
Post by: Machucado on July 23, 2008, 23:13:56 PM
Proud Free Emperors!

The enemy is strong but we are stronger, much stronger!

The ring leaders have spent all their resources on military academy, hence the one thousand plus simultaneous attacks, which also means they are short of resources. They travel 22 hours for each attack. That is over 22000 hours on each wave! They are weary and feeble...

There is only one way we can measure our greatness. As long as we kill more soldiers than they do from us, we show them that we are greater and they will succumb under the glory of the free Empires.

So far we have killed millions of their soldiers, while they only have managed to kill defenseless villagers, and only the weakest, the oldest, almost as old as me, and almost as weak as me. The villagers they kill don't actually work and mostly live off social services, so really we are better off without them.

The handfull of soldiers they have killed have mostly been poorly trained villagers. Most of them have no more than 3 hours training! Imagine that, 3 hours. A lot have only 2 hours or 1 hour and half of training. Just wait till we get real soldiers. They will stand no chance!

I am proud of all of you, stand strong against the invaders. We shall overcome!


Title: Re: Letter to all free Emperors
Post by: k_mihai on July 24, 2008, 01:12:20 AM
Brothers and sisters emperors, and empresses,

The envy that the barbarian hordes feel towards our civilizations is pretty obvious. Order will always be more important that chaos. The most important thing is that we should now give up the eternal fight against the forces of darkness. in the end, we will prevail, cause all barbarians are potential slaves to our glorious civilizations.

Yours truly,

Title: Re: Letter to all free Emperors
Post by: Machucado on July 24, 2008, 06:24:23 AM
Esteemed free Emperors!

Victory is close!

The incompetence of the attack leaders are more than evident, now that new infidel leaders have been chosen.

Mony, Robusta and Petsmart have been chosen into the top cupula of the nomads. According to rumours they are professional babysitters that have risen in ranks. They will soon be commanding attacks when Xaoc lets heads roll!

Keep up the good work, we have killed 10.4 million nomads, while we ourselves have lost just over a million soldiers!

We are winning!


Title: Re: Letter to all free Emperors
Post by: Amaterasu on July 24, 2008, 19:27:59 PM
Fellow emperors, comrades, friends.

   For far too long we had cower in our beds, for far too long we had heard the mourning of our wives, mothers and daughters weaving the terrible song of loss and grief. For far too long we had seen our youth cut down by the unworthy and barbaric tribes of nomads. For far too long we had seen our crops and the labor of our hands been stolen or burnt. For far too long we had sat upon our thrones, inside our stone made stones, frighten and lonely. I say no more, what say you?
   Today we ride to freedom or death and let the dark angel claims the ones that are worthy of his bittersweet embrace. For groly, for the empire and the blood river that must be spilt from those pesky barbarian horde that plague our lands like a swarm of locust. We shall not let down our guards, we shall not give away even a handful of dirt from our holy land, what say you?
   For we are the light of progression we ride the chariot of the sun so to illuminate these dark times and bring prosperity and civilization to the ones that are in need of us. The people, the time, the gods chose us to lead, this is our birthright and our curse. But by my bloody hand i swear an oath never to surrender, never to retreat i shall defend my land till the last drop of my blood, till my last breath is plunked from the depth of my lungs, what say you?

We shall bring compliance and peace be it by the words of our wise men or the sword and fire. United we stand, divided they fall.

Primordial darkness, bringing oblivion and the endgame to the unworthy.

Title: Re: Letter to all free Emperors
Post by: Machucado on July 24, 2008, 21:47:16 PM
Brave Emperors,

Today the Holy Elks have granted us all another great victory! Among us we have slayed five million of the lost nomad souls.

Now I must rest, like must all of you. Tomorrow they will attack again, maybe at dawn. Rest so we can celebrate another glorious victory!


Title: Re: Letter to all free Emperors
Post by: Polymeron on July 24, 2008, 22:18:11 PM
My dear fellow rulers,

It is with grief mixed with joy that I write you this letter. Grief, for the loss of brave soldiers and the strife these times bring; joy, for the indomitable spirit of courage I see in you, and in us all.
It has been said, but it need be said yet again, the Empire shall stand up to these barbarians, and the Empire shall triumph! I am proud to say that not one of my villagers has fallen, save for those wielding a sword or a bow in defence of their homeland. So far volunteers have been in plenty and morale has been high, and yet, it may be that the day is not far when men will need to be drafted by decree and sent from their cornfields to the fields of battle. I must therefore express worry, as to how long the spirit of the smallfolk will remain unbroken. So far morale has been very high; in fact, just this morning the Men insisted on giving battle in the open field, rather than stay in the well defended fortress I possess.
(Rumors that I was asleep at the time of the attack and have failed to give the order to garrison the fort are, of course, completely false)
I'm afraid few survived the attack, though victory was ultimately ours, as should be. I am now rallying my troops for another brave defensive to protect our helpless and our young, but unrest my already be brewing.

It is curious indeed that these heathens find no desire for the comforts of civilization, and the wonders brought forth by culture. Why, just the other day I've been informed that a new device has been invented for the coring of apples and tomatoes; and that is, of course, no small achievement. More important, however, are our God- and Emperor-given rights: Ever since the founding of the Empire and the signing of the Magna Carta, our right to whine and quit has not once been infringed upon. Indeed, many have used these rights generously, and the louder the better. No doubt these ruthless men wish to rob us of these very rights, which are more fundamental than that of Habeas Corpus. To that I say, never! We shall whine and complain until the heavens stir, and until every onlooker will beg us graciously to shut up already.

The ways of civilized research have not spared our techniques for war, which have been honed indeed. And I would gladly share these with you, brave rulers! Your withstanding of the inhuman savages that assail our lands fills me with great pride. And yet, if dear Emperor |||||||| has the right of it, then any advancement we let slip may fall into enemy hands. Seeing as that is the case, and begging your pardons for not knowing with whom the traitorous seed may yet blossom, it is my opinion that we must remain each with his own efforts in that field, for now.

Lastly, I have no words to spare for the cowardly Oton, he who would avenge himself upon mothers and babes at the breast, rather than seek righteous conquest. I shall bandy swords with you, not words, and upon the field of battle, not on parchments. I and my fellow Imperians shall send you yelping for mercy, into the arms of your cruel master, to whom you will have but one message from us: His day to be brought down shall come as well.

Yours with great sincerity,
Lord of the Freelands,
Master Kenneth

Title: Re: Letter to all free Emperors
Post by: Machucado on July 25, 2008, 00:00:49 AM
Dear Emperor Polymeron,

Well spoken, each is his own, in the best interest of safeguarding the technologies so as not to give the filthy barbaric masses any advances in their development.

Not withstanding, word has come to me about a mathematic rule followed by the enemy. A "coefficient" used to multiply their armies. The strongest of us shall be attacked using a multiplier of 2.25, the next by using 2 and so on down to 1.25.

I am not sure of the full meaning or extent of this, but beware of the multiplier.

Please spread these findings to others.


Title: Re: Letter to all free Emperors
Post by: Radooo on July 25, 2008, 14:21:42 PM
Dear Emperors,

I was kidnapped for almost 5 days by those ugly nomads. After terrible tortures, I made a pact with them: I taught them how to do negative points (please don't be mad, I had no other choice) and they let me free. Also, because of this kidnapping, I wasn't able to find a hill where to build my empire (all the hills were occupied by others), so, if someone has a kingdom without a king, I want to take it and show those bastard nomads that I'm better than them! *Angry*

Yours low point warrior,
Radooo *rose*

Title: Re: Letter to all free Emperors
Post by: nuno96 on July 25, 2008, 14:53:18 PM

dear emperors of Imperia
                  It is with a heavy heart that i announce that the barbarian nomads have aqiured heavy infantry capable of destroying you're fortress walls at speeds faster than those of their predeccesors, many of my scouts have died to get this infomation.Even worse the nomads have a gotten their filthy hands on seige equipment, this technology was kept secret from them for a long amount of time and even i dont know how they got it.

     Western army defense commander,   

Title: Re: Letter to all free Emperors
Post by: KoSaC on July 25, 2008, 15:11:11 PM
Dear soon to be robbed blind emperors  *freak*,
dont surrender,fight till the last moment and kill as much as you can of those filthy barbarians. *gamer*
btw,machucado,we need those mooses we are out of food and is my empire gonna defend when it cant enjoy in our special dessert  *freak*  :head_hurts_kr:

Title: Re: Letter to all free Emperors
Post by: Polymeron on July 26, 2008, 18:39:05 PM
My fellow rulers,

I thought it wise to mention to you a point of interest... As you all know, for many years science has made honor a measurable thing, by which we can measure our morality and bravery. If we look at Oton's honor, it becomes easily clear that he is the most lowly and despicable creature to walk our lands for many years. And yet his soldiers do not refuse to fight for him? Surely these nomads have lost all manner of humanity long ago. No Imperian officer would ever stoop so low as to serve a man of that reputation (except perhaps Radooo under torture, but that is another matter).

Yours sincerely,
Lord of the Freelands,
Master Kenneth

Title: Re: Letter to all free Emperors
Post by: Machucado on August 12, 2008, 19:41:22 PM
Summon the Imperian Council, the 5 traitors must be found.

Title: Re: Letter to all free Emperors
Post by: Amaterasu on August 12, 2008, 20:04:18 PM
We have rats among us  :rant: (And i am not reffering to the one in my pocket  *freak* ) Time to seek em out and let em pay the price for treason!  *evil*

Title: Re: Letter to all free Emperors
Post by: Polymeron on August 13, 2008, 08:49:49 AM
My dear emperors,
The identity of the perpetrators must be found! Unfortunately, other than the rumors that General flinstoun has called forth these shameless men and women to swear fealty to him, we know little. Truly, the way of these barbarians is deceit and deception. Surely such a man would never be called Ruler of Imperia, least of all by myself.

Perhaps we are going about this the wrong way? Perhaps we should better try to sow discord and strife amongst themselves? I doubt this upstart general's ambitions would be received lightly by his liege lord. And, as I hear the latter has lately bestirred himself, this presents an opportunity. Should one of you chance to parley with him, I suggest that you reveal the details of this unholy alliance, and perhaps the Nomads would solve this problem for us, while diminishing their own number. For truly, if they remain united, I do not know how long we can stand and fight.

Yours with utmost sincerity,
Master Kenneth.

Title: Re: Letter to all free Emperors
Post by: Machucado on August 13, 2008, 09:18:06 AM
I have some serious suspicions against a few Imperians. While most of us have defended bravely and killed 1 or 2 million nomads bastards, others have let the barbarian dogs kill their own villagers and take down the safe havens of their empires. I will mention no names yet, but when I am sure I will let everyone know.

Yes, dear Polymeron, we must create discord within the nomad cupula, let the leaches fight eachother. It's good we can keep these conversation without them knowing about it.