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Autor: Tiger na Kolovoz 14, 2013, 11:58:58
IO tim traži 2 prevoditelja za hrvatski jezik. Svi zainteresirani mogu prevesti tekstove koji se nalaze na kraju vijesti i poslati prijevod na sa naslovom - Natječaj za prevoditelja
Ocijenit ćemo prijevod i uzet ćemo 2 prevoditelja, pod uvjetom da bude zadovoljavajućih prijevoda. Odabrani igrači će biti obaviješteni putem e-maila.
Molim vas da ne šaljete prijevode koje napravite sa google prevoditeljem jer neće biti uzeti u obzir.


1. The number of siege engines (without Battering rams), firing the wall, depends on Fortress' level. Even if you send more siege machines, only the number allowed by the Fortress level will fire. The higher the Fortress level is, the more siege machines can fire at the wall. The number of siege machines that can attack one Fortress level, is 4. Siege machines can be of one type or of different types. If you send more machines than the number allowed by the Fortress level, the ones with the biggest attack strength will charge. If they get destroyed in the battle, the next ones with biggest attack strength will take their places. Trebuchets are the strongest - 6000, then Catapults - 3000, and the weakest are Ballistae - 2500. Thus, their order of appearance in the siege is as follows: 1. Trebuchets, 2. Catapults, 3. Ballistae. The limit of the number of siege machines does not refer to Battering rams.

2. A research which lets the player spy out territories around the capital and look for terrains with special resource, enemy colonies, military and trading posts, as well as rally points. The intelligence missions are conducted by the spies in menu Espionage >> Field intelligence. Each level increases the perimeter of intelligence with 5 points, the highest level is 20. One spy performs an intelligence mission at a range of 3,14 points for one hour. The time needed for N number of spies to perform field investigation in a range of X points is estimated as follows: (X^2 / N), where the result is the time of the intelligence mission, estimated in hours.

3. Military economist: a smaller upkeep of the whole army. Level 1: 4% reduction; Level 2: 10%; Level 3: 20%

4. At the beginning all generals have 1st level experience and the gubernatorial headquarters are at level 0. The player can raise the level of experience of his generals by gathering points by leading battles or by paying for their training. In order to provide paid training the user needs to construct the Headquarters. If the player wants to train a general from 1st level to 2nd level, he must have level 1 of the building. For further upgrade of his generals, he needs higher level of the building.

5. Every Great Person after turning 16 years old can marry someone and after that have up to 4 children born. The members of the family tree cannot enter into marriage with each other (with their relatives). This is valid also for noblemen from the list 'Other relatives of the Imperial family'. Once a marriage is settled it is irreversible. This means that when a user marries one Great person to another there is no way this marriage can be cancelled. If one of the spouses dies, the other receives the social status widow/widower and cannot enter into marriage again.
The Great people who have the necessary age for marriage are colored in yellow, and those to whom they can marry - in blue. The color is visible when you click on their portrait. Once a marriage between two empires is concluded, it means that the users have made peace and mustn't attack or spy each other.

6. It can be annexed peacefully. There are no buildings, army, nor villagers. The terrains have different bonuses and occupy 4 points on the map.

7. Independent free terrains may occupy up to 4 points on the map. Thus, it is possible that the newly annexed province/founded colony will spread on several terrains with different bonuses. In this case, upon annexing, the player must select the type of terrain and respectively - the bonus for the dominion.

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Autor: Tiger na Kolovoz 20, 2013, 03:14:37
Natječaj za prevoditelje je završen. Prevoditelji su odabrani. Svi koji su poslali svoje tekstove su dobili odgovor na mail.
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