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Author Topic: How do destroy a ennemy fortress that is full Balisstae with minimal damage.  (Read 1572 times)
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« on: May 18, 2017, 15:16:52 PM »

I would like to destroy a fortress level full with ballistae. Initially i though a 2 wave attack will help first with no siege at all and second attack eith mostly siege. Is this a good strategy because from the simulations I do lose a lot of troops when doing so.
P.S. The enemy balisttae are in the garrison.

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« Reply #1 on: May 19, 2017, 07:06:51 AM »

its never optimal to send an attack knowing it will lose unless its alliance castles... so lets first think about what ballista are strongest against, they are strongest against long range siege (trebuchet, catapults, other ballista) this is why ballista are more important for defending higher level fortresses (level 8-9) because to break those forts long range siege are most important (trebuchet) if you are talking about lower level forts the ballista would be less effective in a way because the lower level forts can be more easily destroyed with just swords and battering rams which the ballista are not as good against.

now the fastest way to destroy any army that is garrisoned is archers.. the more archers you have the faster their garrison will die... if you want to know what is the most efficient amount of siege equipment or swordsmen to bring for each fortress level:

fort 1= 50 garrison, 150 melee can siege it:150/35=4 rams
fort 2= 100 garrison, 300 can siege it: 300/35=8
fort 3= 200 garrison, 600 can siege it: 600/35=17
fort 4= 400 garrison, 1200 can siege it: 1200/35=34
fort 5= 800 garrison, 2400 can siege it: 2400/35=68
fort 6= 1600 garrison, 4800 can siege it: 4800/35=137
fort 7= 3200 garrison, 9600 can siege it: 9600/35=274
fort 8= 6400 garrison, 19200 can siege it: 19200/35=549
fort 9= 12800 garrison, 38400 can siege it: 38400/35= 1097

so lets say a fort 7, the maximum amount of swords that can be hitting is 9600, maximum amount of rams is 274, maximum amount of long range siege is 250. if you are dealing with a well defended fort these should be your minimum numbers, because bringing a little extra of each is good for replacing casualties.. and if you are going to be fighting an army on the field before the fortress siege, you should probably have a lot more swords than just that.. also morale is very important for any siege battle, so try and make sure you got as much morale as you can have.. but if for example your enemy has a relatively large army on their field, and they seem to be AFK. its better to just send a field battle first and then send the fortress siege after their field army was defeated or adequately reduced.. but this only happens when the enemy made the huge mistake of going AFK with his army on the field
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